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  1. Bump! A lot has been sold! Don't let an item you have been looking for get sold before you get it!
  2. could I have a feast for a king for 15k? I'll get on to send the rupees.
  3. Ok will mail.
  4. Thanks
  5. Bump! Prices lowered!
  6. Bump! Prices are real Cheap!
  7. How long can you hold the 3 Liberty Swords for? :)
  8. No longer than a few days like 4 maybe just incase someone else wants them and can pay now.
  9. If you could, can you hold them until sometime Monday? I am currently too busy irl to log on to pay. It would be no later than tomorrow though. :)
  10. Ok sounds good.
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  11. Can I have these please? :)

    8 + 8 + 15 + 12 + 12 + 12 = 67 --> 67k for all.

    Payment has been sent your way, and if you want, I can pick these up (to save mailing cost). :)
  12. And received! Thanks for the quick service. :)
  13. I can no longer afford the Liberty Swords.. :p

    You no longer have to hold them. :)
  14. I'll tske them then :p it was 3 for 12k each, right? I'll pay the next time I log in. :)
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  15. Bump! Added pot of gold! 25k!
  16. 36k sent! :)
  17. can i buy all 5 for a total of 57,500r