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  1. Cupid bow (Unbreaking 3) x5 13k each
    Metor bow x5 12k each
    Headless horseman axe x1 30keach
    Feast for a king x1 10kneach
    Avalaucher (non dated) x2 15k each
    2014 empire firework x2 13k each
    2015 empire firework x2 10k each
    2015 Iday firework x3 12k each
    2016 empire firework x1 8k each
    2016 Iday firework x1 8k each
    Chicken Skewer x3 25k each
    Getting started book (non soul bound) x4 10k
    full set of 100k members x1 250k each
    Pot of gold X1 25k each
    2012 New Years firework X1 115k each
    super dragon poop x2 60k each
    Mineral mincer X1 60k each
    Prices are negotiatable
    If you purchase item will be mailed to you!
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  2. I'll take some stuff! Thanks for doing this!
    • 1 Maxarian Head (Since there is two for 20k, it would be 10k)
    • 1 Avalanche (Since it is two for 20k, it would also be 10k)
    • 1 Endangered Zombie Egg (Since it is 25k for 5, it would be 5k or 10k...)
    25k or 30k in total!
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  3. The prices are for each not all of them it says each.
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  4. Oh! I'm sorry then, I read it wrong. I'll have to remove one of them because it will be to expensive.
    I'll take a Maxarian Head ONLY. I can't afford 85k..
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  5. Ok I'll mail it when I get home thanks!
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  6. Alright! I'm paying you now.
  7. Both Max heads sold, 1 chicken skewer sold, 1 enraged zombie egg sold.
  8. I will take two super dragon poops. Sending rupees now. I am using alt PackerFan to send it to you. Please mail to him also. Also want the two holiday candles. Same thing, PackerFan. Sending rupees now.
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  9. Mailing them now thanks!
  10. Can i buy 1 2015 labor bench please, i have paid you :p
  11. Ok will mail when I get home
  12. Bump! Updated on what's been sold. Get it while it's still here!
  13. Will take this, sending payment.
  14. Bump! Updated item list!
  15. Bump! Updated list