[ SELLING ] Promos for all!

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Do you watch pokemon?

3w n0. Thts f9r n0b3z 13 vote(s) 35.1%
Of course! Pokemon for life, bruh! 24 vote(s) 64.9%
  1. Tell me the price you are willing to pay for the item.
    Here is the list of the promos I wish to sell:

    One unused starter shovel
    One Cupids bow
    One Marlix Bow
    One second chance book
    One getting started book
    One soulbound cow egg
    One soulbound sheep egg
    Thirty soulbound torches
    One glitch block
  2. what kind of glitch block?
  3. Its a purple and black oak leaves glitch block
  4. for glitch block 5k
  5. 2k for the soulbound eggs?
  6. Hmm... 10k for the glitch block
  7. I would say 5k for each. Does that work?
  8. Certainly not :p But thanks for the offer.
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  9. Alright, 2k it is if you're still interested :p
  10. What is this Second Chance book? I'll pay ya 7500r for the torches though ^_^
  11. Second Chance is a book you receive when you have been banned and appealed back to the server.
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  12. Ahhhh thank you for that ^_^ I was thinking it was a book that ported you to your last death location in the wild. Lol
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  13. Sure! Will mail after payment. Would you still like the second chance book?
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  14. Lol no thanks, but I will pay you for the torches as soon as I get home ^_^
  15. Paid ya for the torches! Waiting for mail now :rolleyes:
  16. Need that Bow. Is it used? How much will it be?
  17. Unused. What one? Marlix or cupid?
  18. Mailed. Thanks.
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  19. Need Marlix. How much for that? :D
  20. 30k. Does that work?