[SELLING] Promos and Special Event Items

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  1. Hello. :)

    I come to you today with some things I direly need to sell off. Here is what I am selling and what prices I am selling them at :

    Marlix boots - 110k.
    2 New Years 2013 Empire Fireworks - 28k each.
    3 Cupid's Bows - 20k each.
    2 Independence Day 2014 fireworks - 24k each.
    2 Independence Day 2015 fireworks - 19k each.
    One Enraged Guardian egg - 70k.

    Feel free to reply to this thread if you wish to purchase anything, or PM me on the forums or in-game. All prices non-negotiable.
  2. I whould Like to buy an emc birthday cookie, just cause I do love cookies and I was ar vakantieon during the event...
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  3. Can I buy the 2015 bday cookie from you?
    Edit: Ninja'd lol
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  4. Mailing now. Please send payment.
    So close, but so far! :mad:
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  5. Paid, the deal is done in only 8 min :D
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  6. 30k for the lucky bow?
    *notice* I am away from my computer for the next week and a half, so I will pay when I get home
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  7. Cool. I'll mail it now. :) Just shoot me a PM when you get home so I don't forget. (hashtag-terrible-memory)
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  8. This is a bump. I believe I am on time. =P
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  9. Lucky now gone caden? :(
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  10. If you're referncing the Lucky Bow, I still have one of those in stock. ;)
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  11. I'll repay the favour and take it! ;)
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  12. Cool. Mailing it now. :)
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  13. I'll take the spooky egg, sending payment.
  14. do you still have a lucky bow?
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  15. paid and received thanks caden
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  16. Sorry - DubChef just nabbed that.
    Mailing now. :)
  17. I'll take a 2015 cookie! I will pay when I get on!
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  18. Sorry - already sold. I should check that off. ;)
  19. ok
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