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  1. I have been selling a good amount of promos lately so please check out these items below before they are gone. Also, please check out my small promo store on smp1 /v 2961 - if you do not want to purchase any items in the chests, then look at the preview chests there and start a pm on forums to discuss pricing.

    Special thank you to everyone who has bought promos from me recently!

    Willing to give a 15% - 25% discount on some items - PM to discuss!

    Items of Note:

    Rose Bouquet - SOLD
    Non-OG Dragon Egg - SOLD
    ICC Eggnog (10m minimum)


    Big Daddy Helmet - 1.4m
    Bullet Proof Vest - 1.4m
    Cactus Pants - 1.4m
    Feather Falling Boots - 1.4m
    Flaming Mob Launcher - 1.8m
    Ore Buster - 500k
    Turfinator - 1.4m
    Everlasting Axestopper - 1.2m
    incitatus 1.3m
    saltar 2.2m
    valens 1.2m
    book of colors 875k
    holiday pick 500k
    LuckyBow 210k
    netherhound 220k
    aikars hot hat - 900k
    Independence Chest - 400k

    Other Items:

    prancer 35k
    enraged zombie 50k
    enraged guardian 50k
    holiday axe - 20k
    vixen - 65k
    dasher - 55k
    trick or treat bundle - 65k
    Omneoss - 40k
    Minecon Earth Tshirt - 75k
    Candy Cane Sword - 34k
    Ham Hacker - 75k
    Spooky Egg - 25k

    Willing to negotiate on anything - Please send me a PM rather than reply to this thread. Once payment is received, item(s) will be sent via mail. Other items can be viewed at /v 2961 on smp1 -enter the house and drop down into the basement on left.
  2. Will you accept my love for your Non-Original Dragon Egg? (Seriously) :D
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  3. Bump. 15% discount given for multiple purchases.
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  4. I’ll give you 7 emeralds and 3 wheat for that rose bouquet I don’t know how this is deny able
  5. I'll double that offer :D
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  6. Bump. Willing to give a 25% discount on certain items.
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  7. How much for the Hot Hat?
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  8. PM sent.
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  9. Bump.
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  10. Bump. Selling most items at a 20%-25% discount - please also let me know if you are looking for something in particular, including more rare items and I will see if my team has any to sell.
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