[SELLING] Permanent Derelict Protection Voucher

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  1. See the wiki page on this item here.

    I'm looking for 1.5m or a trade near that price. PM me on the forums or in game if you'd like to purchase this voucher. :)

  2. bumpadoodledoo
  3. Trade you for a ham sandwich and a cookie.
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  4. Chocolate chip cookie?
  5. Or a macaroon, you choose.
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  6. I'm good for now. I'll be sure to consider your offer though ;)
  7. *rummages in pockets* I have 54 cents, half a pear, and some stones, will you take that?
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  8. I'll give you 1.1m for it if you have no other takers and need the rupees now.
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  9. Totally :rolleyes:
    I'll consider, thanks :)
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  10. bump, still accepting offers for a few more days :D
  11. bump, even if you don't think you have enough money, shoot me a PM anyway!
  12. still taking offer for a few days
  13. I will give you 1 egg for it
  14. why would you want to trade yourself for it?
  15. Wooow that is rude!
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  16. Probably the final bump before I sell it :)
  17. Voucher sold. Requesting thread closed