[Selling] over 4 DC of mob heads

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  1. So the titel says I'm selling mob heads here
    This is all I want to sell
    1 ocelot head - 9k
    2 enderman - 2K
    24 pigzombie 2.5 k
    8 cow 4k
    21 spider 1k
    1 muchroomcow 4.5k
    3 villager 2K
    2 skelleton 100r
    29 Creeper 500r
    9 slime 3k
    4 ChIcken 3.5k
    1 ghast 9.5k
    4 blaze 2k
    7 cavespider 2K
    5 lavaslime 2K
    2 pig 4k
    52 zombie 100r

    The price is per head :D
    This is all I want to sell ( its less I know)
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  2. Can I have the two skeleton heads?
  3. The skell sold :D
  4. Can you mail me 3 magma slime? I'll pay on receipt!
  5. Can I buy all of the villager heads?
  6. I will take one of each?
  7. 1 please oney post here no pm ( so I can know who's first
  8. 2 I can't Connect to emc ( sorry you have to wait) ( I do have the heads al For an long time
  9. i have send all heads with my sister accouwd (ilse32)
  10. Accidentally sent the money to that account, sorry.
  11. What is the price to pay you?
  12. I don't know your price i have take one of every I got and send it you know what heads you have get and the price for that head :D
  13. Bumb ( yes not Bring Up My Post ( Bump ))
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  14. this is the new list of all heads i have
    51 zombie head
    8 slime
    4 chicken
    3 blaze
    1 pig
    6 cave spider
    1 lavaslime
    27 creeper
    23 pigzombie
    20 spider
    7 cow
    AND when you buy heads for more than 20k you will get an zombie head for FREE
    there will come an head shop at 1145 with the same prices :D
  15. bumb head shop made walk into the shop to the back of it and a bit left of you you will find an sign head shop click on the button under it and ....
  16. Bumb still no heads sold