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Can They Do That?

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  1. We I go to some shops there are signs with "No Selling On" etc, I own it so can't I?
  2. I'm sorry I don't understand what your saying
  3. ^ what he said
  4. He means why not resell>?
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  5. i mea why i cant resell item X
  6. Becase shop owner dosen't want to lose money or wants to save some rupees?
    Or the chest is full? What shop are you even talking about?

    I don't get it what are you trying to say.
  7. I mean that I have been into many shops but cant name, names on forums and they have a sign like: "No resell or lose move perms!!" So im asking is this allowed I own it I can sell it, what did they do to get some of their items?
  8. TBH they have their reasons and you should respect it... that's all. (I know it sounds silly but yeah)
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  9. Because they work hard for the materials and when somebody sells it cheaper than what they did and the person is reselling it of course its going to piss them off.
    Townies -.- They mined them, they grind them, they sell them.
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  10. If you bought the stuff, then ofcourse you can resell it. But the shop owner CAN take your move perms if he knows what you are doing. He are stocking up, and selling for a fair price, but you are buying and reselling to earn money you self. I honestly won't care if people will resell my stuff, I earned my money so the person who bought the stuff can they whatever they want.
  11. Im exactly like that!! *LIKE*
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  12. I don't allow it because it is unfair for my customers and me - I lose money and they lose out on buying as often the item has been bought out by resellers. If you don't respect my shop rules, I won't respect you as a customer.

    As people above mentioned. :)
  13. didnt know you had a shop XD
  14. I think the whole reselling argument is silly. If you, as a shop owner put something for sale in a public market, and someone buys the items for the price you asked, then you're done. You got what you asked for. You shouldn't attempt to control what people do with the items that they bought in a completely legitimate way.

    If you, in your pricing, leave room for a middleman to make profit, then they will. And it's not like they are bad people. They see a way to earn profit for themselves and they do.

    Shop owners should stop acting like big babies about it. If you want to run a charity, then run a charity. If you want to have a shop, then deal with it. Reselling is part of the game.
  15. Agree to disagree ahaha :)
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  16. Would you mind me asking how you "lose money" from people who resell items bought from you, seeing as it is the exact same as other customers buying the items? Sure, they can resell them, so what? You cannot control that. Once the transaction of the consumer purchasing the good from you is completed, that should be it. There should be no "Oh, you sold the items you bought from me to PersonX? Now you can't shop at my store anymore."

    Reselling is part of what keeps the economy going. I will use car dealerships for example since I recently dealt with them. All those small car dealers you see alongside the road, where do you think they get there used cars? Car Dealers buy/sell cars between themselves in attempt to profit off of their purchases/sales.

    I shall end with this quote:
  17. That was beautiful!

    Now i'm gonna eat a cake in honor of you!
  18. So tempting to come online and make one, just for you...
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  19. Once you own something it is up to you what to do with it.
    It is a consumer right.
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  20. The problem is that once you allow that, people will begin deliberately taking advantage of a deal you're giving.
    For example: I go to the wild and spend 3 hours mining and smelting as much stone as possible. Let's say Leo's out of stock on stone. He buys 1 stack for 50r. I sell 1 stack of stone for 48r. Alex, being the naughty reselling guy that he is (hehe) comes and buys all of my stock and sells it to Leo to make some profit. Now I've lost a bunch of rupees and the people who need to build with my stone can't buy it because it's always being bought by resellers. They note that I'm never in stock and instead go to Leo, who, along with Alex, is profiting off of my hard work.
    Now, I know what you might say: "Raise your price and they won't be able to sell for profit!"
    A) Then they can just go to Leo for cheaper and I make no money.
    B) There will always be shops that buy at ridiculously high prices.
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