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Can They Do That?

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  1. And I say you didn't lose a darn thing. You were able to sell every single piece of the stone you created for the exact price you asked for. You may have sold out more quickly than you anticipated, but you still sold out. That's what I call a win, not a loss of anything. So some people end up paying two extra rupees for a stack of stone -- I don't see the problem. It's not like they are FORCED to go pay those extra two rupees. If it bothers them so much they can go dig up and smelt their own stone. If it bothers you that much, stop selling stone...
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  2. But you can easily Change a part of an economy, Buying all the stock of a particular stock (eg. Diamonds) then Forcing everyone to buy at that price because you have a monopoly on it.. It's called buying out and that's what big companies in real life do, they buy out little stores and send them broke!
  3. That can't exactly happen on EMC because every product we sell is easily obtainable in the wild. Shops in town are a convenience, really. No one can force anyone to buy anything in this game. Everything is there for the taking.

    And the "little stores" in question aren't going broke, that's the thing. They are making whatever they asked. THEY set the price. THEY stocked the chests. And they probably advertised their shops and prices hoping to sell their stock.

    Again, I think the whole thing is kinda silly. People are selling things and then being mad because someone else was able to sell it for more. They are NOT losing money. They are NOT going out of business. They are complaining because someone else was able to squeeze a little more profit out of the items they originally sold by selling to people who were willing to pay a little more.
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  4. Oops, I didn't say the correct thing there...But I do lose money because 1) Have to raise prices and 2) Never in stock.

    It'm not arguing with anyone. You choose how you run your shop and I chose to not allow reselling, I hope people respect that. :)
  5. Stop with the long paragraphs!! grr....
  6. Disagree, but I respect your opinion.
    I can just as easily say if you want to continue to shop at a persons shop and be able to move on their res then you need to respect their requests not to resell, or dont cry about it when you can no longer shop there. Shop owners arent complaining about it, its the people who lose their move perms that whine like "big babies". If someone has a polite sign asking you not to do something and warning you that you will lose your ability to freely visit their res if you do, you can't really blame them when you ignore their signs and they ban you. Pretty simple really. Besides, there are so many shops, just move on to another one and shop there to restock YOUR shop... if they allow it that is.

    If Im diggin out my res and I politely ask you not to pick up all the dirt laying around and you DO, then I dont feel bad at all about removing your move perms.. in fact Im happy to do it. Id much rather only have people who are respectful on my res then people who dont respect me or my requests.
  7. Walmart cant go to Kmart and buy stuff from them and resell it in their stores. If you work at a bar, you LEGALLY cant go to the liquor store and buy more beer if you run out.
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  8. you stop being a consumer when you dont "consume" the item you purchase.. if you sell it again you are now retail.
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  9. We had a bunch of this on SMP7 at one point. People would buy from the cheap shop doing competition with the main shop everyone went to and then sell it to the big shop to get more rupees in return, that shop started losing money and became over stocked and the other started running out of items and when you tried to sell to them it would say out of rupees. I think both shops are dead now, owners left.
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  10. I can only speak for myself here, but the issue isnt so much person A buys from shop B and sells to shop C for profit, but when one shop owner Bob who has a LOT of rupees goes to other shops and goes to each chest and if the item is selling for less then what Bob sells it for, he EMPTIES the chest.... thousands of right mouse clicks later the shop Bob visited is for all intents and purposes completely sold out of everything, and Bob takes the items back to stock HIS shop, when chances are Bob didnt really need ALL the items he bought. The problem therein lies that certain shops, myself included, arent running a shop solely to make rupees, (because lets face it, what are rupees good for other then buying more items?) we own and operate shops because we enjoy having members come to us when they need items for a project... "dejaja, Im building a skyscraper, do you have a bunch of glass?" I want to say, "Sure do man, got a double chest if you need it!" not "well, no Im sold out cause mega-millionaire-shop-owner came by and cleaned me out, so you have to go to HIS shop and buy from HIM instead". Its NOT about rupees or profit, its about having a shop that is stocked. You CAN NOT keep your shop stocked if other shop owners are constantly cannabilizing your wares to stock their own shops. And believe me, if you spend 4 hours chopping wood so that your customers will be able to buy wood from you, and ONE shop owner comes and cleans you out just to fill his chests and you end up having NOTHING for YOUR customers, it can be frustrating.
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  11. But if someone puts a sign saying "No resale or lose move!!" then see you selling after you purchased something from them how would they know that you havnt been mining etc to get what ever and they think that you are selling it on but you have used what you brought from them
  12. I actually used to to this for the first two weeks after I started EMC I made around 35k..

    Now, I stopped and I'm making my own things. Building my little shop that buys and sells things I'd actually wouldn't mind if people buy from me since I'll win money and getting more of x item they bought buying from bulk suppliers or just going to wild.
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  13. Whoot, Ill put it on a single piece of bedrock if you do :D
  14. Its because some people are silly -_- You own it. You can do whatever you want with it, including selling it for a higher price. But i think of it as sell signs. Same concept.
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  15. This is why EMC needs to revert from having a mall with every item in it to a simple, easy to use exchange system.

  16. Totally agree that in your example, they should be banned, because that is theft. But reselling is not theft. You said you wanted x rupees for an item. I gave you x rupees, I can do whatever I choose with them. Banning for reselling is just putting stipulations on purchases which you have no right to do. A dairy farmer can't ban me from buying milk cause I like bathing in it. Wal-Mart can't ban me for selling that cd I bought to some kid down the street three years later at a yard sale. But wait, this is a game, there are no rights. Anyone can do whatever they want as long as they follow the rules sanctioned by the server administration. And anyone can ban anyone from their res for whatever reason they choose. I personally do not buy from people that have signs posted about bans for reselling if I see them, because in my opinion, they are ruining the economy and are horrible people.

    All ranting aside, reselling serves a purpose. When smp5 started out. I bought out 27 shops complete inventory three to six times daily. Your right, they didn't have as many customers, but they had constant supply going out, and constant rupees coming in. I would buy anything that was equal or less than my price. They had no completion really, if they put it in a chest, it was sold. The goal was to drive customers to my shop, which it did. If you wanted something, you came to 10101. You didn't need to spam "Who sells x item" or where can I get such and such, you just came to 10101 and got whatever you needed. Again, I made money, the little shops made more money than they would have if I hadn't (probably more than me). It is just another layer to the game. If you don't like it, don't play shop keep. If you are mad cause your stock is gone, get more stock or raise your price. Are you going to get mad if I buy all your stone to build something? Are you going to get mad if I buy all your stone to throw into my lava pit? Are you going to get mad if I buy all your stone to make sure I have sufficient inventory in my vault to never run out of something? Point is, if you put it in a chest with a price that you set, it should be out of your concern at that point what happens to the items in the future.

    Anyways, I now will ban anyone that buys from my shop and doesn't spin around three times clockwise after the purchase. In my opinion, those people are ruining the game. Oh, and people with purple hair too, they are ruining the economy.
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  17. No, you absolutely have not "lost a bunch of rupees". You've just made loads of money by selling all your stone.

    And 'naughty' alex made a little too.

    Everyone's a winner.

    Final comment from me: If you don't want people to buy your items, don't put 'em in a shop.
  18. Everyone is complaining about "Selling for higher price" isnt that good? What im saying is that say you sell stone 64 for 32r, they then go and buy you out and sell it double the price! But then cant you do a price increase not as much but a little then you make money fast! even if they buy you out or keep highering the price bit by bit
  19. this is the only part of your statement I agree with, but you're opinion, although different from mine, was well written.

    And you're right, anyone that owns a res has complete control over who does and does not have move permissions on it, and the owner is not obligated to give an explanation why he/she decides those perms. Even so, I have always taken the time to politely explain why someone no longer has move perms on my res, and sometimes even given move perms back.

    Bottom line and final point, you do what you want with you res, if you make a shop, you can do what you want with that, thats the beauty of a free market... its up to you to manage your shop however you want and attempt to be successful. When I first opened my shop on smp6 back in Feb, I sought guidance from the big shop owners on how to run my shop. Of all the things I learned, the most important (to me) was that most of the big shops view resellings in a negative and unethical light. One of the biggest, if not THE biggest, shops on smp6 when I joined was Azoundria @ 13000. From what I gathered about him from other large shop owners was that he was banned from almost all the largest shops because he would go in and clean house to stock his shop and it was not appreciated at all. To me it was a courtesy thing, something you just dont do... can you do it? Sure. Is it against any rules or laws? No. But do shops appreciate it when you do? Usually not, but some dont mind. I didnt want to offend other shop owners or be banned from their shops, so I never did that.. out of respect... respect I ASSUMED would be reciprocated. But later on down the road when I expect the same level of respect from other shop owners that I myself have always shown to other shops, I get people complaining and saying I am horrible person and Im ruining the economy. Really? I built my shop from block one without having to buy out other shops or resell... but appearently that makes no difference. The easiest way with the least amount of work I guess is the norm now. So be it.

    My rules stand.
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  20. Exactly. My shop tries to cater to as many people as possible, not the one player who buys everything I have every time I restock just to resell and come back and buy again. It drives away business if everyone who comes to my shop finds it to be consistently out of stock, simply because one person wanted to make some money, and so bought me out.
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