[ Selling ] My Whole Collection of Promos

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  1. x1 Lucky Bow = 20k
    x1 Cupid's Bow = 12k
    x1 V-Day Rose = 30k
    x1 2012 Empire Firework = 40k
    x4 2013 Empire Firework = 18k
    x2 Ore Buster = 98k

    I would like you to calculate your final "order" so I don't have to do any work :p

    The Red question marks mean I just threw out a number because I didn't know what the going price was. If you would be kind enough to lead me towards the right price, I may sell it for lower :)
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  2. Will pay 400,000r for 5 haunted heads, 5 wands, 2 turkey slicers, all 9 fireworks, 5 vault vouchers, 3 stable vouchers.
    Will also pay 50k for both roses.
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  3. Sam, I've known you long enough to know that you usually low ball on your offers :p I calculated all of what you requested and that added up to be 481k and that was without the roses. So, for that price, I would have to decline.
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  4. Why is everyone selling all their promos ?
  5. Why ISN'T everyone selling their promos is the real question...
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  6. I'll take two Wands, I'll pay the 16k now.
  7. I'll take the super poop :p for 35k I'll pay around 2 hrs
  8. I have sent them through mail, thank you for purchasing :)

    Oh and your signature scares me...
  9. I will send it through mail once payment is received :)
  10. x5 Haunted Head = 20k

    x1 Labor Bench = 21k? I'll do 20k for the Labor Bench

    x3 Stable Voucher = 12k

    x1 Incitatus(Used) = 30k?

    186k For everything if you agree.
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  11. x5 Vault Voucher = 13k
    I'll take all of those too.
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  12. I'll buy all of these. Once you confirm you accept then I will transfer 41k rupees to you.
  13. Can we agree on 220k?
  14. I will buy 5 Lucky Bows for 100k.

    EDIT: I have paid you 100k + 250 to mail them to me.
  15. I'll buy the B-day voucher.
    This will probably be a no, but I'll do 15k for the Aikar head
    Total with head: 20k
    Total without head: 5k
  16. check you pm please death :)
  17. Do you have any of these left?
    If you do, I would like to buy all of them.
  18. I'll buy the valentine's gift I sold you back :p Or whichever one has the lore for the price you're offering
  19. Ready for my mail
  20. I will take that and pay in a moment.