[SELLING] Mob Heads

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  1. I have:
    1 Sheep Head
    1 Spider Head
    1 Magma Cube Head
    6 Slime Heads
    4 Blaze Heads
    for sale. Comment if you are interested.

  2. What you price I Like it but I don't Like high prices
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  3. 17k for magma slime, 200 per for the rest except slime and 1.5k for slime
  4. I Like the sheep and spider head but not for 400 R I Like 395 r
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  5. i like 400 better
  6. No 395 I Like my prices
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  7. 400, take it or leave it
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  8. Ok 400 i'll pay tomorrow Will you drop it on the donation chest on my res at 1145 smp1
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  9. sure
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  10. oop i'm late but you have your rupees and i have my stuff
  11. So Jelle68 got this sheep head?
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  12. yes if you wanna buy it i have two
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  13. 300r erch?
  14. Ok, I'll pay you once I get on
  15. Please Do Not conduct business on my thread.
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  16. .... i think i also want the blaze heads thats 600r (3) if you say sure i pay you :D
  17. I would like to buy some slime heads, started a PM ;)
  18. Yes or no I Like it to have :D