[Selling] Maxed out Enchanted Diamond armor!

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  1. Hi, I'm selling maxed out enchanted diamond armor.
    Shop has been setup for you to buy a complete set, as described below, for 30k.

    Replacing single pieces of armor is of course available now too.

    To add Thorns III please PM me. See cost below.

    Armor stats:
    [Adding Thorns III will cost +1000r per piece]

    Diamond Helmet (8k)
    Protection IV
    Aqua Affinity I
    Respiration III
    Unbreaking III

    Diamond Chest (7k)
    Protection IV
    Unbreaking III

    Diamond Leggings (6.5k)
    Protection IV
    Unbreaking III

    Diamond Boots (8.5k)
    Protection IV
    Feather Falling IV
    Depth Strider III
    Unbreaking III

    Preview is available per armor item in the shop.

    Ordering your set here is still possible as well. Leave a message and send the payment.
    After payment the armor will be mailed.
    Please include a 200r fee for mailing a full set (50r per piece).

    Updated: 28th of February 2016.
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  2. I'll take a set, I'll send payment later this evening when I can get on EMC
  3. Ok Mob_Meal. Setting up the chest with access for you.
  4. How much would it cost to add thorns 3 to all the armor?
  5. You want it on all 4 pieces?... well tell me what you want... :) 500r for Thorns III per armor piece.
  6. Okay. I'll pay my 32k on Tuesday :)
  7. Okay. I'll add the Thorns III on all the pieces and will setup an access chest for you when its ready. I'll let you know.
  8. See you inbox:

    Hi, just to be sure:

    Thorns Damages attackers
    (Level × 15)% chance of inflicting 1 ()-4 () (or Level - 10 if Level > 10) damage on anyone who attacks wearer. In addition to the normal durability reduction for being hit, reduces durability by 3 points when inflicting damage and 1 point otherwise. If present on multiple pieces of armor, only the "bottommost" piece of armor counts. In 1.9, if present on multiple pieces of armor one will be chosen at random.

    So, it will reduce your durability significantly (red part)... in this case, because you want it on all 4 pieces, just on the boots (orange part - not 1.9 yet).

    If you want it i strongly advise just to put it on the chestplate (highest durability)

    Please confirm

    a) on all 4 pieces?
    b) on only the chestplate
    c) nevermind the thorns.

  9. Full set with Thorns III is ready and can be picked up after payment. Preview chest with this armor is already setup.

    -I have another set of Armor as described in my opening post: so two more sets available still!-
  10. I paid you the 30k for one set, as shown in the OP (so No thorns, please).
    And I paid you mail fee, so please mail me the set.
    Thank you.
  11. Ok. thanks and mailing asap.

    EDIT: Send.
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  12. Please repeat my first order, 3 more times.
    Reminder No thorns, please.
    Please /mail each set when it is ready, and I paid the mail fee.
    Thank you :).
  13. Thank you!
    I will email you the three sets asap.
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  14. All three sets have been send.
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  15. I am going to buy 3 more sets, later,
    but I will give other people an opportunity to get your armor sets, first.
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  16. Is this still available? :p
    I'll take a set, need a new one for my Alt. :D
    Also want Thorns III on all pieces, Will pay the 32k Shortly. :)
    EDIT: Payed the mailing fee, Please mail them too. :)
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  17. Yes it is still avalable. You will have it within 48 hours... because of the Thorns III.
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  18. No prob. :) No rush either.
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  19. @DoubleCakes9001: Set with thorns III is ready, mailing it now.
    @cadgamer101: 1 out of 3 is ready.

    BUMP: 2 more in stock.
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  20. @cadgamer101: 2 out of 3 are ready.
    @cadgamer101: 3 out of 3 are ready.