[SELLING] Lots of valueables

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  1. Heads

    4 birosquinha heads
    3 watergully1212 heads
    2 ww2fan168 heads
    1 The_Beacon171 head
    1 EfficiencyV head
    4 'Seasonal head' No clue who it is {looks like a pumpkin}
    1 AJINDYROCKS head
    2 Keliris heads
    1 TheSa5my head
    1 NathanRP head
    1 ImMrMeeseeks_ head
    1 BEK11 head
    2 wkramer79 head
    1 Strawberries4me head
    1 Kytula head
    1 ArrowOfArtemis head
    1 ChumMiner head
    1 ItsMeWolffPack
    1 xXMaddieooXx
    1 shavingfoam head
    1 ToddVinton head
    1 AverageWalrus head
    1 EMC_Head head
    1 Halloween_Head head
    1 gunthro head
    1 wassatthen head
    1 77revolnipsehc head
    1 BeNub head

    1 Blizz Ard arm
    1 Blizz Ard eye
    1 Non-soulbound starter pickaxe
    1 gold referall block of clickyness
  2. how much for referall block of clickyness?
  3. I'll offer 6k for all the heads in the spoiler minus the seasonal heads, plus the BreezyMan head.
  4. No thanks
    Already traded the breezyhead for a diamond voucher anyway =P
  5. I'll take a vinton head for 10K and EMC_Head for 10K as well
  6. For the EMC head... Yes
    Todd Vinton is way to low
  7. 20K then :p
  8. The_beacon171 head for 6k?
  9. K
    I bought it for 60k
  10. Well all I got is 32K now 22K due to the EMC_Head :/
  11. Todd's heads are worth 30k. ;)
  12. Depends what name you have
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  13. Ah...
    I'll take it for 30K then, screw the EMC_head, just vinton's now :)
  14. I am mistaken. Todd_Vinton (which I believe he has as that's the name stated in the OP) heads are worth more than ToddV heads, which is what I saw. Todd_Vinton would be 50k then. :)
  15. 50k and its a deal
  16. how much for the non soul bound starter pick? i want to put it in my museum when i finish
  17. whats that non-souldbound pick?
  18. it is a rare starter pick before the current version