Selling - Location of my wild base on smp 2 (Carpathia)

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  1. Greetings,

    I am selling the location of my very soon to be former wild base. The base is fully operational and includes the following:

    24 furnace smelting array

    Fully automatic farms: (all are vertically expandable by duplicating the level below)
    Cactus farm - about 1 stack an hour
    Melon/pumpkin farm - no clue per hour but a good amount (mctut design)
    Slime farm - 4 to 140 slime balls an hour its really random
    Cane farm - 1.7 stacks per hour average (mumbo jumbo design)
    Golem farm - 1 stack of iron blocks per hour average (modified 1.8 ready docm77 design)
    Chicken farm - enough to keep you happy (mctut design - I think cant remember)

    Also there are the following semi auto farms

    Obsidian generator using either string or redstone
    Tree farm for both birch or oak with the flip of a switch (modified mumbo jumbo design)
    Mini furnace aray to turn all that wood into charcoal
    Cow breeder - 15 calves per 5 minutes if you don't mind standing around spamming wheat
    potato/carot/wheat farm - manual plant with water harvest - hopper collection and sorter
    Sorter attached to main furnace array is able to handle anything you would run through a furnace - sort and store it in a nice 20dc per item storage facility.

    And also

    zombie xp grinder
    dual spider spawner setup as a string farm - about 1 stack per 5 minutes
    5 or more (lost count) other spawners in the area (zombie and spider) lit up but not used yet
    3 abandon mines - not fully explored and still filled with resources
    1 fishing pond so you can relax and not worry about being eaten by zombies while fishing

    I am not sure how much of each but several dc of items including:

    cobble stone - lots
    smooth stone - lots
    stone brick - lots
    wheat - less then a dc
    carrots - less then a dc
    potatoes - less then a dc
    1 dc of random armor drops from mobs - gold/chain/leather
    1 dc of zombie flesh
    some coal/charcoal in the furnace still

    Just to be clear I talked to the staff and have permission to sell the location of this base.
    Once the sale is complete I and my crew will never ever return to said base and forever give up all rights/claims to any and all items/buildings etc at that location. I will post on the original base thread (Carpathia) and here sold to [player name] to make sure there can be no disputes later on.

    The reason for the sale is we have moved as of this morning to a new location.

    Disclaimer - the following link is to the post I am required to put in here:

    All this can be yours for 200,000 rupees - or best offer

    PM me in game or post here.

    Note: I will only give the location to the buyer and will not disclose it prior to sale completion.
  2. Nice. That is a really good price for someone who wants a ready to use home. :)

    How far away is your closest neighbor/outpost?
  3. My nearest neighbor/outpost is well over 10k blocks away - I just looked on live map and there is nothing I can see showing any signs of construction on the surface. -- Also this base is over the minimum 5k blocks out so it will qualify for wild base status.
  4. This is awesome is 200k min bid?
  5. From what I read its against the rules to auction a wild base/spawner location 200k is the selling price unless you just want to pay me more.
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  6. If I can get enough money before someone else purchases, then I will probably buy, but I only have about 30k right now. Do you think you could post some snapshots?
  7. Sounds interesting... But it's useless to buy it for myself and hang out there alone :D
  8. I can see what I can do about those but Im currently over 500k blocks out heading to our new base location - one member of our group is still at the old base waiting on the outcome of this post - if I can get ahold of her she might be able to.
  9. What about rails/nether? Is there a faster way to get there?
  10. There is a fast way to get there - I have an undisclosed method which I will show the buyer.
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  11. Okay, thanks. And I was a little confused, is this one "house" or kind of like an outpost? How many people are aware of it's location?
  12. After seeing this base cause I am helping make new one this is completely worth the buy! He isn't lieing about anything tons off cobblestone, stone, and other tools/armor are being left behind!
  13. This is a production base. The only people that know its location with the exception of Blackstone71 and suziebird are all over 500k blocks out now and will never reveal its loc or return there.

    People that know the location:

    suziebird has stayed back to play caretaker until the base is sold, or we get tired of waiting and throw everything in a lava disposal
    Blackstone71 cant make the long journey as he has a business to run in town
    Everyone else is at the new base location and we wont be back until there is a way to teleport from your empire to town and back.
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  14. This outpost and all of its contents/buildings etc are now the exclusive property of ZH88 and anyone else he wants to add. Myself and crew no longer hold or claim any ownership to this base.
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