[Selling] Jimmy Hendrix Map!

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  1. im selling this! i want to see your offers (runningrhino just got offered 20k for one of these)
  2. Did you not read why they closed your last thread?
  3. i guess not
  4. If you can make one of Guy Fawkes ill take it
  5. supereskimo made these.
  6. Thank you, HylianNinja :)

    If anyone is reading this...
    Do not pay for these maps!
    As stated in this thread, and in this one, you may distribute these maps for free, but you're not supposed to make a profit off of them! If you have paid for one of these maps, please PM me. I am trying to get mod assistance as to whether or not you can get refunds.
    If anyone wants a copy of the map, just PM me and I'll get you one as soon as I can. Please note that these are only available on smp2 and cannot be vaulted. Also, I need a blank map to make a copy. If you want me to make you a copy, please bring your own blank map or be willing to pay me to buy one for you.
    I'll update this post once I get feedback from the mods.
    Until we meet again...
    Edit: If you want a copy of the map, just buy one from res 3742 on smp2. I charge 32r, but that's just for the price of the blank map. If you have your own blank map, I'd be happy to make you a copy for free when we're both online :)
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