Maps as Paintings [Discussion]

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  1. Item Frame Map Paintings.

    Lets discuss how to make maps into paintings and some of the awesome things that can come.

    I saw someone make a jimi hendrix map. That was awesome. I can see lining the whole top of a small bedroom with 15 of those like a wall paper. Simpy put- awesome.

    I know it involves building in a 'chunk', creating a map, and using the new system the map permanently draws out the map picture. Than using the new item frames in 1.4- you can post the map on the item frame and boom- you have a custom painting.

    But how does one find a chunk? And what programs are people using to create the pixel art perfectly? In a perfect scenario I can see a 3x3 set of item frames that create an image that works on a wall.

    Maybe a monochrome picture of your actual face?

    Anyway, let's discuss all things map/painting orientated. I know I would pay good rupee for some good paintings. =]
  2. This is a great idea, and since it would not really change the game, I think it would be a nice "perk" for supporters to be able to just upload an image and get it on a map automatically. (Perhaps it could replace the live map hide perk, so everyone can hide and be protected from stalking and griefing.)
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  3. Before the last update 1.3.2, My pictures were set to LLO railways system like this

    its was simple to install into MC Texture. The Person who made the file was Zulu9 :)
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  4. Yea, I know there are mods to help building and such- but I've never used them nor do I understand how they work. Obviously people cant use MCedit on EMC but there is something anyway.
  5. It's not idea lol. You'll be able to make maps into mountable paintings in 1.4.
  6. Wow. I love how the LLO Rail map is so complex.
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  7. The idea to make pixel art, then make map of it and then put it into a frame.
    You can read how to find a chunk here:
  8. Never made one to put into a frame but my sister and I made pixel art on our res's on SMP7 and the only thing we used was either graph paper or our brains.

    Supporters have enough perks. I think it should be left as something for everyone.
  9. Everyone will be able to make it, as soon as the update is here.
    Ability to upload an image into a map would be a special new function that would need to be implemented first.
  10. So instead of me being able to go out and build my own pixel art in the wild I'd have to pay $5 $10 or $20 a month to do so?
  11. I think you got your wire crossed. M4nic_M1ner is proposing in addition to everyone being able to make pixel art maps by building pixel art in the wild, supporters get the perk of being able to have the pixel art maps without needing to physically build it in the wild.
  12. I wasn't understanding what M4nic was saying. The way it was coming across was that in order to do anything you had to be supporter, hence why I said supporters have enough perks.
  13. Thank you for the compliment about the Jimi Hendrix pixel art (yes, I am responsible) :) This'll be a long post, so I apologize in advance.
    I made a similar thread a while back, which answers some of your questions:
    Here's a very helpful video (see below comment) for which blocks to use:

    One major update for this video: for small maps, pixels on the map now correspond to a single block, instead of 8x8 blocks. This means you don't have to do the crazy redstone contraption that takes up the second half of the video. You can just directly place one block for one pixel.

    To sum up map art:
    1. There are only 11 colors, corresponding to different blocks. You can use different shades of these, but for that you need to take height into account, which gets complicated. For that matter, you should make the pixel art all at the same height, unless you know what you're doing. Here's a tiny image showing these 11 colors:
    2. The art must be 128x128 pixels or smaller (unless you use multiple maps).
    3. Empty maps are always centered around multiples of 128. That is, the x and z coordinates of the center are both multiples of 128. For example, you could have a map centered at (0,0) [(x,z)] that ranges from x=-63 to x=63 and z=-63 to z=63. Be careful - you have to remember that there are positive AND negative 0 coordinates. Just use trial and error before filling in the map.
    4. Don't build in the periodic reset zone. This seems obvious, but I'm making that mistake with my current pixel art - hopefully I'll finish before the reset.
    5. Maps are NOT TRANSFERABLE between servers (at least not yet), so you can only see pixel art that was made on the same server as you. I don't think maps are destroyed when placed in ender chests, but the vault can seriously mess stuff up, so be careful.
    6. To actually make the map, right-click on an empty map while in the desired 128x128 area. The map will automaticaly center itself (see 3.). Then just alter the individual blocks until you're satisfied with the result. You can make the map bigger by surrounding it with paper in the crafting table, but the original picture will be "smooshed" by a factor of 2 - that is, each pixel represents a 2x2 block area.

    As for what software I use... just Windows paint, and a good calculator to get the coordinates right. Since it's only a 128x128 image, it doesn't take too long if you're only using a few colors (depending on the image). As long as you use the same 11 colors throughout and know which blocks they correspond with, you're good. This takes a LOT of blocks (128x128 = 16384), so use easy-to-make backgrounds to your advantage (i.e. the ocean, or dirt/grass). If you place every single block, at an average of one block per second, you're looking at about 4 and a half hours of labor. This is not a project for the faint of heart. Still, I would love to see more map paintings on EMC, so ask me if you have any questions.
    One last thing- you said you would pay good rupee for some good paintings... between you and me, you don't have to pay. Just go to the physical location of the pixel art you want, then right-click with an empty map, and it's yours for free. But please be respectful to the creator - every time you go to that area while holding a map of the area, the original map updates. That means if a creeper blows a chunk of Jimi's face off and you map it and don't fix it, my hanging picture will be messed up too. As a rule of thumb, ask the creator first. Since we're on the subject, I'll give everyone permission to map the Jimi Hendrix painting I've already made - if you can find it. Just beware of creepers, and please don't grief. Happy painting!
    As a bonus, here's a reeeeeeeeally complicated example of what you can do with map art: