1.4 Map Pixel Art?

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  1. As some of you may know, maps will be drastically changed in the 1.4 release. Maps will now have 5 (don't quote me) levels of zoom, which can be changed by adding 8 paper to a map in the crafting area. The lowest level of zoom will have 1 pixel represent 1 block in-game. Item frames will also be added, making it possible to hang a map for display. I suggest that players take advantage of this to make 128x128 pixel art, which can then be hung on walls for display. This would be accomplished by finding a 128x128 area in the wild, altering the ground to change the pixels, then hanging the map before changing the area in the wild.
    Here is a video describing map colors and the current mechanics:
    There are 3 main problems. First, there are only 11 colors available for maps. This means you'd have to alter the colors of most images to put them in pixel art form. Second, and more importantly, map generation in EMC is glitchy. When you create a map in the wild, for example, you could get someone else's map of town. Or you could get a map of a different place in the wild. I'm not sure if the problems will be solved in 1.4, but I propose that some amount of effort goes into making maps functional for the 1.4 EMC release. Third, there is a limit on how many maps can exist per world (2^16 or around 65,000). This isn't a problem now, since maps can't stack, but in 1.4, blank maps will stack, and I fear that shops selling the new "blank map" item will exceed the limit - a double chest with 64-stack items contains 3456 items.
    My concern is that after going through all the trouble to make a 128x128 pixel art, mapping it out, then bringing the map back to town, the map might glitch out. Also, I'm not sure how maps would work between servers. This is a very exciting feature, but I'm worried that glitchiness will make it practically impossible. Any response from an admin would be appreciated, and please tell me your thoughts on this!
    Also, if there are no serious glitches with maps, I would like to create a picture-making service, where I turn a 128x128 png or bmp image into a hangable map. This would make art meusems or personal emblems possible, or even an alternative to signs. Please give feedback on this as well!
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  2. Sorry, too smart for me. XD
  3. Additional thought: It would be nice if maps stayed unchanged when placed in ender chests, because it would be easier to transport them between town and the wild. For example, you could make your pixel art, place it on a map, put the map in the ender chest, then change the pixel art and make a different map. Same thing goes for /vault, throwing the map on the ground, regular chests, and to a lesser extent, shops. I want a pixel art museum on my res!
    More stuff: I tried putting a map in /vault, and the results were strange. The map number was in the 200's on server 2, then when transferred to utopia, the number changed to 17. I brought it back to smp2, and the number was still 17. When I threw the map on the ground, though, the number increased by either 6 or 7. This behavior is really weird, and I hope the EMC admins can fix this by the time 1.4 comes out, or at least soon after.
  4. I don't know how you would make pixel art with a map.
    I can barely try that with wool.
  5. Um, it's a snapshot. Thing will be buggy; things will be fixed and things will be added.
  6. Basically, it is just making pixel art with blocks (not wool, they show up as light grey on the map) and then just looking at with a map.