[Selling] Incredibly Cheap Enchanted Books on SMP1 at 2222 Mall

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  1. The shop is located on SMP1 - /v 2430 @books.

    We Sell All Enchanted Books

    And here are our prices for each book:

    Come by and check out our shop!
    In addition to this, we welcome any comments on how to make our shop better for everyone!
  2. Can I like
    buy all of these?
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  3. Be my guest! I'll just have to restock faster xP
  4. Neat :)
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  5. Is this going to be here for a while or do I have to buy them quickly while they're there?
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  6. Nope, it's gonna be here for a while. It's gonna be a long term thing :)
  7. Bump! I'm restocking now! (should be restocked in 10 minutes or so)
  8. The shop will be restocked soon! Sorry for the wait on all the books, I've had a very busy weekend.
  9. A player who just now bought a dc of efficiency V books from me, said that he used to have people preorder if they were going to buy large quantities of items in his shop. I've decided to use this idea! From now on, if you are going to buy large quantities of books from my shop, please PM me on forums or in-game.

    Update: All books are restocked! Come get'em!
  10. Bump! :D the shop is still alive!
  11. You should raise your prices to a place where you can manage to stay stocked.
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  12. I am very sorry that I won't be able to keep my shop stocked for the next few weeks. I've decided to dedicate my time to an outpost and will only be stocking occasionally. Thank you all for your understanding, and if you need any enchanted books, go to ./v +infinity on /smp5
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  13. Here is the bulk order form I have made for you all! If you'd like to make a bulk order, please fill this out. [Link]
  14. Hello Friends!

    Due to the overwhelming number of bulk orders, people's orders may be delayed because I ran out of emeralds! At the moment, I've got 6 dc's of different books on hold and only a stack of emerald blocks to do them. Yep, not in great shape. In any case, you should all have your orders by the end of thursday if not sooner. (I hope)


    I'm off to bed right now, no more work for me tonight!
  15. Bump! Shop is still operational at /v 2430 @books
  16. Bump! I'm not dead yet!
  17. Bump! Shop reopened!
  18. posting so i don't forget to come here... need some new books...
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  19. Very nice! Just needs some Efficiency IV picks and the package is complete. :D