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  1. Heya EMCers

    Due to recent increase of popularity of marriages, I have felt the need to step in and take care of all those lonely hearts seeking for their other half!
    So I took the long, long adventure and looked for the best potential candidates to this role and hooray(!), was able to find some exclusive partners. In no way I do claim my standards of selecting them are the best for everyone, but there were few criteria I took in mind: overall health condition, good looking and healthy teeth, strong legs and body, cheerful eyes, calm nature, sense of humor and well, the best wouldn't be without some dose of weirdness! So, I do hope, you will enjoy the time together and let's spread the love! :rolleyes:
    Oh, and there is also a nice place for you both to enjoy and have a talk, to get to know each other better!
    To find your HubbyBuddy, you will need to look around the residence they are awaiting at, there is no straight access for a quick grab and go :) Got to put some effort in to find your dream love, eh :p

    There are no brides available at the moment and I am deeply sorry for that. However, it might change at some point, whenever I will have a chance to make a new adventure again!

    The whole deal is at: SMP3 res#7099 or /v LadBlo
    some sneak peek:

    Have fun :)
  2. Finally, a marriage on SMP3. :>
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  3. I shall make an expedition to SMP3 and marry all of you then.
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  4. I feel like I'm living an Eddie Izzard sketch here.
    "Married? Do you have a fish?"
    "What... no. We don't need a fish, we're husband and wife!"
    "No fish, no marriage. That's the rules... that... I just made up. And I'm backing it up with this potato I borrowed from SMP8."
  5. i got one :p
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  6. 9 people have just been married on SMP3, I cannot verify if they're still mentally scarred.
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  7. I shall make sure their sanity fades away, also it might take time and several attempts. Oh, and I have forgot what # wife am I, pardon me :oops:
  8. It's spreading; it's a beginning of an epidemic!

    Come! Take shelter in my eucalyptus tree!
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  9. According to my rupee logs, you're #58 :p
  10. No...not my home server.
    Why SMP3? Why?!
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  11. SMP1 is still sane. (somehow) Quick, everyone, take shelter in SMP1. We have free baked potatoes wifi!
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  12. Yes SMP 1 is the place to go I hid there after gettin my second you are my wife now fish and we also have cake wich is not a lie.
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  13. haha smp3 is finally interesting!
  14. Smp3 was always interesting to me ;)
  15. I'll pay you to build me a climbable eucalyptus tree. =P

    And yes, I shall take shelter in your eucalyptus tree.