[ SELLING ] Horse Armour Each kind available

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  1. SMP6 res: 12993
    2 Iron armour: 400 each
    1 Gold armour: 550r
    1 Diamond armour: 6k
  2. I'll buy 1 gold please
  3. sorry al
  4. Boy, the price between gold and diamond escalated quickly
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  5. Still got the iron? I'll buy them if you do. Price jump there is hilarious XD
  6. 6k (Big Jump!)
    550r (gold)
  7. i mean they have the same rarity to find so i mean the prices shouldnt be that different
  8. Ill pay 2k for a diamond?
  9. I want a gold pls :D
  10. I'll buy a gold please
  11. any gold left?