[Selling] Empire firework

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  1. Hey , i got empire firework and i would like to sell it.
    Offer prices !
  2. Just remember that for now you can't vault it, so it has to remain on the SMP that you bought it from. :)
  3. Yep , i know.
    I just want to sell it for someone ! (Quitting , i want to give some peoples stuff)
  4. Then why sell? Why not host a giveaway?
    Also, what server is it on?
  5. SMP1 .
    And i won't sell it because i want to give useful rupees , not useless items.
  6. I can do 10k as well...10.1 cause there's already an offer
  7. NO WAY !
    And i bought it in 10 k ..
    NO WAY !
    And i bought it in 10 k ..
  8. That wasn't very nice.... You Sao cheap, and I sold mine 2days ago for 18k... Auction it or follow your word an be nice
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  9. In supernir's defence, EMC fireworks officially sold for 20k before they were made exclusive so 30-35k is a good deal or "cheap" but yes, he could have been nicer in his request for more rupees. :)
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  10. Right, but he said he wanted to get rid of it, and he capsed out
  11. The reason i offer so low is because it is not on my home server, and since i can not vault it, it loses its value to me. Also im sorry to hear that you are leaving EMC, but i don't think you will be able to get 35k for it. The highest i would go for it would be 15k.
  12. I'd finally wouldn't let it go for less then it's price.i have 4 or 5 of them and I'd want more then 20k
  13. Thanks , sorry for that.
    Understood. soory for arguing.
    I was thinking about that , and i decided that doing stuff in real life is more important.
    Mabey i will come back , mabey not . (I will come back *Mabey* If there will be huge changes.)
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  14. Save them. if you come back then the price may go up a ton!
  15. That, I believe is commercializing. You are stating the server in public.
  16. Nope , thats not commercializing ...
    You will not be able to get IMC's IP !
    He will be posted only in FXP (Forum)
  17. So ... I heard you thought of giving everyone perms on your res (jk)
  18. Who said i will give everyone perms ? , cus i won't .
  19. No one I was joking ...