[ SELLING ] Elfinpineapple Head

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by cj12115, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. So I saw Elfin had an auction for a DC of heads which included his head. The bidding is currently up to 405k. Anyone wanna buy a DC of player heads including elfin's head for 365k? :p
  2. yes, just short on funds right now.
  3. ok, if no one else responds you're my first option! :)
  4. I bought my elfin head for 45k two days ago :confused: I may be interested in getting another one though, will PM you in game
  5. I bought mine for 14k earlier when he became a mod but his auction is going for a over 400k. :p Elfin said he hasn't given many out the last 5 months so the price has gone way up
  6. ok I'm lowering it to 315k :)
  7. May want to clarify if its an ElfinPineapple or an ElfinPineapple0 head. The latter is my old name but has more heads out there.

    Some may think the difference to be moot but others might care. :)
  8. It is an Elfinpineapple0 head :)