[SELLING] Dual Zombie + Dual Blaze Grinder

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  1. Im selling double blaze grinder which

    - CAN be activated simultaneously
    - Has TWO kill spots
    - Has TWO blaze spawning blocks
    - It is ETHOSLAB's design for BOTH

    At the least, if 3 blazes spawned every 15 seconds ( which is unlikely, usually is every 8 - 10 seconds )
    You would be able to reach level 30 in around 4 minutes.
    ( I was told that 83 blazes equalled level 30 )

    ALSO if you go through the nether portal, you can find 2 zombie grinders right beside each other, but unfortunately are a few blocks out of range of each other.

    - ALL of the passages between the grinders are enclosed apart from the door way which can be sealed by netherrack or anything
    •(this means no ghasts can reach you)

    - Both grinders have viewing platforms with glass roofs.
    - There is a enchanting facility and several double chests for blaze rod storage
    - The grinders leave the blaze with enough health to kill with 1 or 2 punches with the hand.

    I'm looking to sell it for 50 000 rupees, first in best dressed.

    If you wish to buy the spawners but somebody else has posted before you, you may send me a PM with your offered price.

    The grinder is on SMP1

    PHOTOS: (coming soon)

    Disclaimer: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/

    Thank you!
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  2. Wasnt this exact same thing for sale earlier? or was that a dream?
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  3. My brother, wanted to add some more things. The other post was a bit of a mess, so he redid it.
  4. ah... so im not so delerious
  5. Nope. Any buyers?
  6. Just telling everyone this gives you over 6enchants per half hour. That is a lot of money you can make people.
  7. If i could i would buy it :)
  8. That is wrong. This is the post that you are referring to.
  9. and the comments are deleted haha :D
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  10. Ok I changed it, but why doesn't that sound right? 44 in each... I guess maybe
  11. ?
  12. 166 mobs is needed to get level 30. Blaze counts as 2mobs so you will need a total of 83blazes. So you will need 42 in each to get 88, thats 1more than needed :p
  13. some of the posted things is deleted.
  14. Ok lol. Does anybody want to buy this? It's very good and has served multiple very well known members into richness.
  15. woow there. If other members know where it is and so do you, it might not be right to sell...

  16. ... Darn it geez Im not mentioning names, but this grinder has served my brothers and sisters who some of which have a very large sum of money.
  17. I want one, but don't have enough rupees at the moment.
  18. The names dont matter. Its the fact that it isnt truly yours that makes it so you cant sell.
  19. Guys omg he means that he made it with his brother and sister, are you really that thick?