[Selling] Dual Mob Spawner Location With Slime Chunk

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  1. I just found, on smp8, a skeleton and zombie spawner that are about 10 blocks apart from each other with a slime chunk nearby (within about 20 blocks). I'm pretty sure it would be possible to set up a grinder in such a way that you can have all 3 spawning for you at once, but definitely both spawners.

    This location is on smp8, an easy 800 blocks from one of the outposts. Please keep this in mind, as the distance does make the site more susceptible to grief. You would also be my neighbor, as I've just built a base about a hundred blocks away.

    Post here or PM me with serious offers -- this site has a lot of potential. If you would like my assistance to build the grinder, we can negotiate that as well.

    Of course: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/
  2. Bumpity bump -- I'm a good neighbor, I promise :D
  3. Hmm... I like :D
    How's 5k sound?
  4. marg could you tell me how you would work this slime chunk? sounds interesting, and i dont think anyone is afraid of being your neighbor lol.
  5. Well, I have a similar base set up nearby, only with just a skeley grinder. Basically, the idea is to keep yourself within 24-80 blocks of the slime chunk while still staying within the active range of the spawner(s). For mine, I set up the afk/killing area just above the spawner block, and excavated the area so that I would be the proper distance from the slime chunk. Then I just run over there every so often and kill the slimes. Mine is still just one level for the slimes, but I've already gotten several stacks of slime in a day and a half, or so, just killing them when I think about it.

    I'm going to need more than that, or I'll just keep it for myself.
  6. how would you set this up? moving the skellys and zombies into a centralized area and the slimes as well? it wouldnt be to complicated but it sounds like a good idea.
  7. I wouldn't worry too much about the slimes being in a central area. You could do like I do and just run over and kill them, or you could set it up with one of those ladder/drowning traps and a hopper collection system if you wanted to be all fancy.

    The zombies and skeletons, yes, I would set it up with a single darkroom/kill area -- they are so close together that it would be a pretty straightforward build, I think.
  8. Hmmm...
  9. I'm interested, are the dungeons on a some-what same y level coordinate?
  10. They were really close, if not the same. Let me check my waypoints and I'll edit that in here when I have a minute to hop on smp8

    Edit, one is y = 13 and the other is y = 14
    Second edit:
    If you're curious, the x is 2 blocks different, the y is one block different, and the z is 10 blocks different, so they are pretty darn close to each other.

    In fact, here's a screenshot. This probably should have gone in the op ;)
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  11. Ok, my offer is 20k.
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  12. That works for me. When would you like to meet up and see the place?
  13. Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 9.41.14 AM.png

    I can be on about 3 PM (hopefully) EST. And do you mind if I go on my alt? PRO_G4NGST4 is at a double blaze spawner right now, and it's a pain to walk there.

    EDIT: and, I'm just wondering, is the slime chunk marked out? Won't really affect anything, but I'd like to know.
  14. That's what, 3 hours? I don't care who you come as :D Just pm me when you're ready.
    EDIT: also I haven't done anything with the slime chunk yet, but to set a waypoint, but I will happily mark it out for you.
  15. Actually it's about 5.
  16. Ah, k -- daylight savings time makes me lose my mind, sorry,
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  17. Cropped screenshot, i'd imagine.
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  18. Er, due to some unseen things, I can't get on from now (literally now, I'm leaving in a few minutes) until about 7:30 PM EST. Sorry about that, I might have have to do this tomorrow.
  19. No worries :D I'll be around this evening and tomorrow, just let me know. I'm West Coast time, btw :D