[Selling] Dual-Blaze Grinder

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  1. Im selling double blaze grinder which

    - CAN be activated simultaneously

    - Has TWO kill spots

    - Has TWO blaze spawning blocks

    - It is ETHOSLAB's design for BOTH

    I'm looking to sell it for

    50 000 rupees

    But I'm going on school holidays and I'll ba back by next Sunday in Australian time around 7:00.

    If you wish to buy the spawners but somebody else has posted before you, you may send me a PM with your offered price.

    The grinder is on SMP1

    Disclaimer: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/

    Thank you!
  2. I'll buy it. Been looking for one already built for a bit
    -edit: but if I may ask. What server is it on?
  3. Oh thanks for reminding me I'll put it on the OP.
    It's on SMP1
  4. Ill buy... maybe...
  5. can you post a video or pictures?
  6. Um yes I can, but I'm about to go on holidays for 5 days, but my sister might post a pic or vid
  7. Ill buy it if I get a refund from a guy...
  8. Ok Terry
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  9. Currently Yankees is looking to buy the dual grinder, pictures are unavailable currently but I will tell you about it.

    - ALL of the passages between the grinders are enclosed apart from the door way which can be sealed by netherrack or anything
    •(this means no ghasts can reach you)

    - Both grinders have viewing platforms with glass roofs.

    - There is a enchanting facility and several double chests for blaze rod storage

    - DO NOT QUOTE THIS I believe (VERY indefinitely) it takes a few minutes to reach level 30

    - The grinders leave the blaze with enough health to kill with 1 or 2 punches with the hand.
  10. Have you got a refund? If you want to buy it it is still up for grabs
  11. I used to have one of these I get level 30 in a minute. These are amazingly awesoome
  12. You forgot to mention that there needs to be 44blazes in each killing spot to get level 30. =P
  13. I didn't know that... Well that's two a once so how long does it take for 22 blazes to spawn? A minute?
  14. That depends, but less than 5min for sure :)
  15. Takes mine about 5min to get about 105 52 apiece mobs then kill get to Lvl 36 :)
  16. Thats very fast
  17. Closing this thread to avoid confusion. A newer thread on this can be found here
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