Selling Double Spawner

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  1. I have found 2 spawners very close to each other in the wild, 1 Zombie, 1 Cave spider. No ones touched them. I am willing to sell them and PROMISE never to go back there.

    If anyone is interested in buying the plot msg me and maybe il start an auction or something...
  2. Not allowed at the moment - sorry.
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  3. ^^ What PTH said sorry dude it's banned atm
  4. Oh Really! How long before the ban is lifted? Thanks for telling me ^_^
  5. No one knows yet. ICC said they were preparing an official statement but we're still waiting...
  6. Ok Then, Thanks anyways
  7. Did you find them in the west outpost?
  8. Im not going to say and on what server. I will probaly ask AlexChance to make one out of it.
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  9. cave spider isnt very good
  10. OMG dude tell me private chat it might be mine. Is it surrounded by cobblestone? And has a safe house with chests,furnaces,two doors and an upstairs?
    Jeez dude this might be mine.
  11. Its still a double spawner so it doesnt really matter if of them isnt good enough
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  12. well it can affect how well it works
  13. Not by that much, but anyway just leave it now yeh
  14. Oh thank the lawd it isn't mine.
  15. Go to youtube, and look it up. Its a waste to pay anyone to make you one
  16. Lawl. Yours was pretty obvious that someone was there lol
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  17. /tempban Grinder_Auctions Undefined
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  18. I pray on the laziness of people. ;)
  19. Well I belive you do a good job too:)
  20. I hope we do get to sell spawners again
    I have a knack for finding those things and the market for them was pretty good before selling them was banned
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