[SELLING] Customized Banners

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  1. I have decided, since banners are so fun to make, that I'm going to start selling customized banners for those that would like to purchase one.

    As of right now, my price will be 250r per letter/number banner
    300r for all other banners.

    These prices can and probably will change as the banner market is obviously new on EMC.
    These are the banner designs I am currently making, plus all other letters & numbers.
    If you would like something different, let me know and I'll see if I can do it.
    If you think these prices are way off, let me know also.

  2. You can choose any combination of colors or letters.
    All letters and numbers can be created in any dye color you'd like.
    Only one number/letter can fit on a banner.
    Please specify colors in your orders.
    I will not mail these unless you pay for them to be mailed as it would be a large percentage of the actual cost.
    I can set up an access chest or deliver it to you in game if you do not want to pay for it to be mailed.
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  3. How much for a promo banner
  4. The banner would say promo

  5. 250 per letter, so 1250 for all
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  6. Just made and gave Krysyy this style of banner xD
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  7. Can you put it in a smaller banner i don't have so much space
  8. Banners only come in one size and only one letter/number can fit on each one.
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  9. How much for a few banners(one set) saying EnderPromoShop in black and purple?
  10. You will have to pay for each letter. Only one letter can fit on each banner. It would be 3500 for all of it.
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  11. Sure, I'll take it - could the letters be purple and the background be black please?
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  12. Yep, I'll get it made for you.
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  13. Can you do a slime face banner? :p
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  14. I will for sure look into it lol. Slimes are my favorite mob.
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  15. Hm... Might it be possible to make a banner portraying a pizza roll?

    Otherwise, I'll take 8 banners spelling out "Piz Arols" in purple background and green letters, please. =P
  16. Both are finished and there are access chests at 17463 on smp8.
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  17. thanks, I'll pay once I get online

    EDIT: Paid
  18. Can you do a banner of Derp SSundee crammed in 1 banner?
  19. Could you try to make the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4, but have each number be two banners wide?