[Selling] Couple of Promos/Special Items that have got to go!

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  1. Paid. Thanks!
  2. :)

    Ok. Have a nice day :)
  3. How much would you offer the labor bench 2014 and 2015 for? (separate prices)
  4. How much for the ham hacker?
  5. 100k for one candle the 2013 slicer and a Cupid bow?
  6. I might also buy a feast for a king. I'm currently fighting over one at auction :p If I can get it for less than 12k here I'll buy it
  7. would you do 475k for ore buster
  8. 17,000 and 12,000?


    I don't have the cupid bow anymore, would you do 83,000 for the Candle+Slicer?

    You can buy it from me at 12,000 if you'd like. :)

    Sorry I think it's worth a little more than that.
  9. Ok, I'll pay sometime tomorrow morning.
  10. 60 per slicer good?
  11. Sorry I'll pass.
  12. Sure, they'll be in your mail later today. :)
  13. I will give u a renamed derp head to Mr Derp. And i will give u a oak sapling renamed as brocoli. For turcky slicer 2013 plus 20k please.
  14. You might want to cross out or delete the promos already sold.