[Selling] Couple of Promos/Special Items that have got to go!

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  1. Hey guys,

    Need to liquidate some stuff for a project, so here's some promos/special items I'm selling. Please post your offers below!

    - Turkey Slicer 2013 x1
    - Ham Hacker x1
    - Feast for a King x1
    - Cooked Turkey x64
    - Labor Bench 2014 x1
    - Labor Bench 2015 x1
  2. I'll give you a sugarcane renamed to Broccoli for the Ore Buster
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  3. Tempting, but I'll have to pass. :p
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  4. I'll take the Ore Buster and 7 Holiday Candles for a total of 230,000r.
  5. Sorry, Ore Busters are worth quite a bit more.
  6. 300,000r total.
  7. Ore busters alone are around the 500-600k mark :p
  8. Since when? =.=
    Welp, then I'll just take the 7 Holiday Candles for 60k total.
  9. Holiday Candles I'm pretty sure are worth quite a bit more than 8,500 rupees a pop.
  10. ill take the slicer drops if you still have. btw hello hello mista ninja
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  11. I don't get a discount for buying them all at once? >.>
    70k total.
  12. Numbers! :D Just name a price. :p

    I'll have to pass, I'll counter offer you at 85,000 for them all.
  13. *sigh*
    fine. i'll pay next time i'm online.
    meh, getting 64 candles is gonna be harder than getting an ICC Eggnog...
  14. It's been mailed to you. :)
  15. paid and done :3
  16. Lucky bow 85k ?
  17. Sorry, that one was very recently sold, I'll update the listing. :)
  18. would you take 11k for a cupid bow?
  19. I'll take the 2 cupid bows for 30k
    EDIT: I'll just take one if jasonpenguin wants one
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  20. Sorry that's a bit low, I'll be taking trombone's offer.

    The cupid bows will be in your mail, send the 30,000 at your earliest convenience. :)
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