[SELLING] Cheap Beacons

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  1. Hey guys,
    I'm selling beacons at 3582 on smp2 for only 7.5k per!

    Current Stock: 11
    If you want me to reserve any beacons for you, private message me BEFORE I restock and I will hold them for you

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  2. You ruin the beacon economy for us all you know >.>
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  3. Do an inventory check please
  4. Yeah there's 27 in the chest right now
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  5. Just restocked and updated stock
  6. You have no idea how much I'm suffering...
  7. Why ruin the economy more jrm? I know your trying to beat other peoples prices but are we not all trying to make the economy healthier?
  8. Beacons cost between 7-9k these days since once you buy one, you have it, it not like diamonds where you keep using it so you have to buy more
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  9. But beacons can't deflate more and more, because wither heads are still rare:p
  10. Updated stock
  11. Still 4 left!
  12. Beacons are out
  13. Gosh darn it >.>
    I was hoping to start a beacon market for myself lol :p
  14. Thank you MathewDA for buying the rest! I will restock ASAP
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  15. *grumbles* yea you better, or I get all mafia like. /jk

    Anyways :p Can't wait for dem beacons huh?
  16. I usually restock about 16 every weekend
  17. D:
    You said you'd go on a break from selling beacons :l
  18. lol, I read that as "[selling] Cheap Bacons" when I first saw it.. xD