[Selling] Bulk Items

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  1. I wanted to do my own bulk thread so I rebelled and did one :p


    Sand (DC) 3k
    Sandstone (DC) 4k
    Cobblestone (DC) 1.5k
    Stone (DC) 3k
    Glowstone Dust (SC) 15k
    Slime Balls (DC) 13k
    Sugar Cane (DC) 1k
    Cacti (DC) 2k
    Logs (DC) 2.5k
    Planks (DC) 1k

    PM me on the forums saying:
    (I fixed my PM so now you can PM your orders)

    Title: Bulk PM

    Amount of DC's or SC's:
    Total Price:

    I will try my hardest to get this all done within the next week, I cannot promise that I will because of all the large orders and such a small amount of time I have.

    Pickup at 11026 on smp5
  2. I'd make the slimeball price higher because your going to be spammed with like 20 orders of it, market price is almost double that right now :)
  3. like what price for slime balls then? :)
  4. It won't let me send you a PM so I'll just post my order here...

    I'd like to purchase 8 SC's of quartz flakes please : )

    I believe 48k would be the price for all of that : )
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  5. hmm why cant anyone pm me..
    ok ill try to get that done in the next week or so cuz school and all, but ill go as quick as i can.
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  6. I can't PM either...

    I'll take four DC's of sandstone (4k Each)

    This order will come to a total of 16k :)
  7. I would do like 13k DC slime balls to keep it competitive.
  8. ok... this will probably take a week as well :p
    maybe even more, idk.
    i also needa fix my PM....
  9. how meany DCs of sand can you offer and can i get a slight discount for buying in bulk?
  10. I will pay you as soon as possible
    Item-Birch Planks
    Quantity-2 DCs

    Quantity-1 DC
  11. i can offer as many as you'd like and.. how much is a "slight discount"
  12. up to you as the seller. 4DCs min
  13. alright ill think about discount, and ill probs end up giving you 4DCs
  14. 4DCs i would only ask for a discount of 11k for all of them. again how much can you supply. its lait here work tomorrow wont respond till late
  15. Hi. Do you have an order limit?
    I would like as many of 40 DC's of varied log types as you can produce. :p
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  16. alright, i may be able to give you a discount of 11k, and I can supply as much as you'd like
  17. Hey. No I dont have an order limit.
    Its quite early for me and i just relized the amount of DC's is 40 and not 4 :p
  18. also any type of logs? or just a few kinds?