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  1. Ever wanted to own a bulk shop?
    Don't want to make one?
    Well come to 11237 or on this thread
    and order now!

    What we supply

    Item-------DC/SC----- Price
    Sand DC 3k
    Sandstone DC 4k
    Stone DC 3k
    Cobblestone DC 1.5k
    Quartz Flakes SC 5k
    Glowstone Dust SC 15k
    Slimeballs SC 4k
    Sugarcane DC
    Any Log DC 2.5k
    Any Plank DC 1k
    Any Potion DC 2k
    Any Splash Potion DC 2.5k

    How to order

    Set up a PM with the workers listed below!

    PM template

    Item ----------
    Price ---------

    Worker List

    Owner: maxyguy555
    Co-Owners: Lilyrox55

    Order Today!
  2. kk edit: don't PM IL0ve cupquake :p it blows up her mom's emailll
  3. I sent a PM but I din't think I even got a reply or acknowledgement.
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  4. Same, it must be a week after I ordered. I have to say, with this many people, I expected better. I actually completely forgot about my order it's been so long.
  5. I can't say I expected better. I am typically shocked when I actually get anything from these type of services.
  6. I think it's just colepuncher. I haven't heard from anyone else.
  7. MaxyGuy555 found me in game to confirm my order about 2 days after I placed it. I have not had any correspondence since.
  8. I invited 7 to the conversation. It's getting rude now...

    -1 for the service.
  9. I got a response. Multiple, actually. I'm not totally clear where my order stands, but I am getting messages.

    If your order wasn't accepted like bushyspecialk's I would probably just move on. Accepting and disappearing isn't cool though.

    Maybe you guys need to appoint a person in your group to plan out a schedule and another one to respond to messages?
  10. You mean "balls" when you said slimeballs. xD! Get it?
  11. Hahaha...

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  12. I liked your comment.
  13. Will you follow me?
  14. I have a mall on smp5. I saw your website. Will you please add me to the list of some items my mall has?
  15. Is that a polar bear in the picture? Also thanks for doing the "EneraldNinja444 said" thing! :D
  16. Not sure what you mean, but if you want your shop added then you should do it yourself. Register an account then use the 'Auto Reader' to get most of your items then go to the 'Bulk Adder' link at the bottom and add each item you sell that doesn't automatically show up. I would add every shop myself but there are hundreds across all the SMPs and it's a slow process.