[SELLING] Bulk Concrete and Concrete Powder

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  1. The New and Improved Bulk Concrete and Concrete Powder Stop!

    Concrete Powder
    • 8 pieces for 24r
    • 16 pieces for 47r
    • 1 stack (64 pieces) for 186r
    • 1 SC (1728 pieces) for 5k
    • 1 DC (3456 pieces) for 10k

    • 16 pieces for 61r
    • 1 stack (64 pieces) for 242r
    • 1 SC (1728 pieces) for 6.5k
    • 1 DC (3456 pieces) for 13k
    Bulk purchasing is allowed, and so are bulk orders!
    We will gladly stock your mall or open a location on your res. Please pm me to negotiate.
    Available at any of our locations!

    • SMP7 at +concrete
    • SMP7 at +katy concrete
    • SMP7 at /v 14153@PS1
    • SMP2 at /v 3557.concrete currently restocking! will open soon!
    • More locations on the way!
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  2. Bump! We're open for business and well stocked!
  3. Can I order a DC of light grey and a SC of red?
  4. Sure thing! That'll be 19.5k. Access chest will be at +concrete pickup on SMP7.
  5. Access chest set up for Extendingskys and Extendingskys_, so come by with either account after you have payed :)

    Thank you so much for your business!
  6. Bump! Restocked today!
  7. Just did a batch of Cyan, stop on by and check it out ;)
  8. Bump! Come get your concrete powder for the fire floor building!
  9. Courtesy of Rez0z, we've been able to open another location at /v 14153@PS1! Come check it out.

    We're also currently working on restocking all locations in anticipation for the all of the building the update is bringing. Thank you for your business!