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  1. UPDATE: THE BEACON HAS BEEN SOLD! for the dirt cheap price of 40,000.

    I am selling a beacon for 40,000r. Now before you go spamming about how you were able to get it in your single player world with ease, I want to stop you. Unfortunately, you can only find wither skeletons 5,000+ blocks away from spawn (in the nether) in newly generated nether fortresses. This will be a nice addition for those looking to go over the top (of their pyramid :D ha!).

    PRICE: now 40,000r

    RES: 14095 (smp7)

    Get it before it's gone!

    EDIT: lowered the price by 45k
  2. Gosh darn it, I thought the thread said [Selling] bacon.
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  3. wait i m confused do wither skeletons drop nether stars or do withers?
  4. Wither bosses and I wanted bacon :/
  5. wat do wither skeletons drop then?
  6. wither skele heads to summon the wither "need 3 heads and 4 soul sand blocks"
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  7. so u go to the wild with 3 heads and 4 sould sand blocks in the inventory and a wither will spawn? or do u have to put them down?
  8. Wither Skeletons have a very low chance of dropping a Skull. You use 3 of the skulls and 4 soul sands to create a Wither which is the boss. (using the keys of a phone, skulls at 1,2,3 soul sand at 4,5,6,8 similar to making an iron golem) If you kill him, he drops a Nether Star that you can use to craft a Beacon with 5 peices of glass and 3 obsidian blocks. I will say that I was more than comfortable selling a star last night for only 4k for the effort it took me to obtain.
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  9. Here's a clip i found on youtube. It will explain better than me typing it out :)
  10. sweet thx !