[Selling] Aikar Head

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  1. Product: Normal Aikar head
    Asking Price: Offer me something. I am looking for Ore Busters, so we can arrange a deal for those as well.
    Obtainable: Killing Aikar in PvP
  2. Heads have to be in a DC
  3. I thought the auction regulations didn't extend to sale threads?
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  4. This is not an auction. I can sell in whatever quantity I please.
  5. How much would an aikar head usually go for, anyhow?
  6. I really have no clue, but from what I can guess using this thread, around 500-550k.
  7. He ended up selling them in the 100k range, since they're unlored.
  8. I bought a normal head at 100k, so I think it would be worth about that.
  9. Derp... thought it was an auction :p
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  10. The last post in that thread is someone who sold his for 400k + 3 dancers.

    From what I've been told there are around 30 of them in existence.