[Price Check] Aikar Head

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  1. I was one of the 3 people who have killed Aikar tonight, and as far as me and a couple other members saw that Aikar has only died 5 times. So what would you value this at? Also they have no lore. (Plan on holding onto it :3)
  2. 100r

    edit: 10k
    edit: 50k
    edit: 100k
    edit: 200k
    edit: 300k
    edit: 500k
    edit: 650k
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  3. So 650k?
  4. maybe. I bought a purple aikar head from someone for 20k before (and now it's worth a ton of rupees). idk how much the pvp one is worth
  5. I'd give ya 100k
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  6. It's worth around 550k from what I've seen. I, however, am no expert on the matter and would probably not be the best source for this.
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  7. I'm pretty sure he died like 20 or 30 times tonight. There's one player with 3 of them.
  8. There is one player with 4 or more when I logged off last night.
  9. Are they regular Aikar heads or Aikar pvp heads?
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  10. I think pvp because he said kill
  11. Regular
  12. Think he said no lore just aikar heads :)
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  13. how much are aikar drop party heads worth (with coloured lore etc.)
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  14. I sold mine months ago for 450k, but worth a lot more now I think??
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  15. :p completely unrelated, but what about a Krysyyjane9191 PVP head? Anyone got a price for that?
  16. I bought some type of krysyy's head for 50k...lol I doubt that's how much it's worth though
  17. actually he died ALOT more than 5 times. Try around 30. Was asked in Mumble :p
  18. When I was on :3
  19. I slain the owner too, and received the head. Best moment of my life. . .;)
  20. I hears one went for 400k + 3 Dancers