[SELLING] 128 and 129 Speed Horses

Discussion in 'Selling' started by IronicSwordPlay, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. I was going through my chests and found I had a lot of horses from when I tried to be a horse breeder. So I've got the best ones I could find and am selling them off at 250r each. I also have a buch of rejects that range from 123 speed to 103 speed which I am giving away for free.

    As I'm not in game much I've set up a shop (and access chests for the free horses) on /v 6524 on smp3. There are 16 total horses for sale with 14 being 128 speed and 2 being 129 speed and are in various colours. I will be taking down the shop and access chests a week from now and /dispose any stock remaining so get the horses while you can!

    Picture so you know what to look for on the residence.

  2. Big bump since I've neglected this thread!
  3. Bump, got my first 3 sales. Also still a lot of junk horses avalible for free.
  4. Neat, wonder how long ago that was. Hopefully there'll be more players to buy.
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  5. Could you please leave all non-taken free horses for me whenever the week mentioned in the first post is over? I don't want to take them from other players that need them more than I do, but I also don't want to see them /disposed. :)
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  6. Yes I can leave them for you, I agree its better for someone to have them than just be thrown away.
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  7. Not much longer to get your horses!
  8. Closing the shop on the 18th March, get your horses while you still can!
  9. Please do the humane thing and release them back to the wild.
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  10. Hmm if I remember I might do that when I finally make my wild outpost (when EMC finally updates to 1.13, probably... :p). :)
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  11. Bump, last chance!
  12. On Sunday 24th March the free horse chests will be gone, given to TomvanWijnen. But I've decided I might as well keep to shop for the 128/129 speed horses. So go to /v 6524 on smp3 if you need a fast(ish) horse for only 250r!
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  13. Quick bump, There is only 4 or 5 128 speed horses left so get em while you can!
  14. Might as well bump!
  15. Barely any left get them quick!
  16. Really happy that I've sold most of them (thanks guys), but there is still a couple 128 speed ones left if you want to get em.
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  17. A bump to get rid of the last horses, they are lonely in that chest!
  18. Bump save these last horses from a life of darkness (trapped in a chest forever)!