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  1. I am looking to sell the res 12220 on smp6. I tried to contact M4nic_M1ner about it since its his old res and is across from his mall but he has not been on in awhile. Considering all offers. Please PM me or leave a comment on this thread :p
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  2. How much are you looking to get for it ?
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  3. 2r
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  4. M4nic_M1ner is not happy that he lost that res, it apeared to be claimed as soon as it went bad as if someone sat there, Anway M4nic is offline and busy with real life stuff. Also you are not allowed to sell reses, if someone buys it, you have to unclaim the res and let them claim it. There have been so many issues in the past where players buy players land and they give perms to the person who bought it.

    Did you try and pm him about the res?
  5. I /mailed him a book saying if he wishes to buy the res he can pm me on the site or we could talk thru the book. I realize I cant sell flags to the res. I am looking to sell the res to someone who will claim it after I unclaim it. I can put that in the OP if you want me to.
  6. If your willing to unclaimed it I would be willing to claim it on m4nic,s behalf. However I will not pay for it because this was done maliciously to try and make money by trying to sell it back to M4nic for 500k.
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  7. I will also be happy to hold it until MM returns.
  8. Woah, First off I forceclaimed it from someone who is not one M4nic's alts, Second I didnt ask 500k for it. I think in the book I mailed him I said 200k but that we can discuss prices.
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  9. I knew it was a lot, thought it was more, I suppose it would have been if you take into consideration the stock that was lost with the force claim.
  10. The res I claimed was empty. If you have any more questions comments or concerns please feel free to pm me instead of filling up this thread.
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  11. It sounds like this res might only have value to one person.
  12. Who sold you the res?

    Also i had someone sit there and claim a res as soon as it was able to be claimed, they knew i needed the res, and made me pay 80k as well as 2 DC's of Iron Blocks.
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  13. Its right across from a popular place on smp6 so if someone is looking to build a shop or something on smp6, this would be a great idea.
    I went to M4nics res to shop and noticed that the res across from it was derelict so I forceclaimed it.
    Looking for a bit more than that.
  14. yea, but who was the owner when u forceclaimed?
  15. ......I think
  16. And it was sold to EffinBatman for 75k Thank you all.
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