[SELLING] 1 Zombie spawner location

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  1. Location: Smp3 wastelands (the wastelands do reset)
    Price: 500r for the coordinates of the spawner and the entrance I made for it.
    Full Description: 1 zombie spawner with a fully lit tunnel leading from the surface to it. The dungeon room has been sealed of from the nearby cave and filled with torches rendering the spawner harmless until their removal.

    Start a convo with me via the website if interested

    Important Notes:
    -As stated above this is a wasteland spawner which means it will disappear with the next reset (hence the very cheap price) but it is still good for mob grinding for xp and zombie drops (which will be worth saving for when we get 1.8 on emc) in the meantime (the next scheduled reset is June 3rd).
    -If you want I will lead you in person to the spawner so long as we can find a time we are both on to do so.
    -You do not have to share. I will not be telling anyone else where it is at and I will not be returning to that spot.
    -I have sold goods to many players via the auction house and my shop (now temporarily retired). I have never failed to deliver the goods I promise to.
    -this is legal


    Redacted pic of the spawner:
    Promo pic.jpg
  2. Lowered the price a bit.