Secret Santa program

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  1. Maybe someone should buy another minecraft and register as "Santa" :D
  2. ok the gift finding starts today you have until Dec.25 and we will all meet at utopia spawn good luck!
  3. what if smp2 is full? maybe we could use utopia?
  4. good point yea lets use utopia
  5. Santa's not real? NOOO!
  6. Ignore it, some people belive, some don't.We all have a different opinion. I personally belive.
  7. this will take place Dec. 26th due to personal reasons srry for the l8 notice
  8. What time are we meeting? I haven't been able to find my person yet...I figured I'd just send them some rupees since I can't seem to meet up with them...
  9. lol.
    Thread Locked!!
  10. I have locked this thread. If I see the kind of insults that were thrown around here again, there will be bans. It is never okay to insult someone, especially based on their choice of Religion.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.