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  1. So me and roja22 came up with an idea to make a Secret Santa program. I think we could have lots of people have fun with the idea! It will be hosted on Dec. 20th and you have five days to get a gift for your assigned player. Happy Holidays!
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  2. Sounds like a great idea:)
    I know wich player I will get a gift to.......;)
  3. But there are so many players in the empire! How could you possible hope to possibly attempt to manage such a thing? :confused:
  4. Hey Santa can keep track of every child on planet earth, and deliver present to everyone in one evening
  5. :confused: good luck with trying to pull that off:cool:
  6. Yes, by visiting one house every 3/1000ths of a second.
    The amount of friction his lead reindeer would endure is high enough to disintegrate them instantly, going 3,203,328mph Or 4171 times faster than the speed of sound.

    Needless to say, Santa is a god. Gods are good at keeping track of things.
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  8. I still think it's a good idea:cool:
  9. You do realize there are kids on this site, correct? (Regardless of the fact that they obviously lied about their age to get on..) It's all in the spirit of Christmas. Santa very well might be a real person, perhaps all he did was give gifts to those around him. It's the message, Supermaster. The message that somebody might be so selfless that he dedicates his life to bettering the lives of those around him. It has nothing to do with greed or capitalism, I don't see how that could be related in the first place. Of course, teaching kids that being selfless and charitable is a bad thing.

    Me calling him a god was in good fun, I am a religious person as well. It was to state that if Santa was capable of giving gifts to everyone in the world, there must be some higher power involved. The fact that you misconstrued that and turned it in to a religious argument is shameful to say the least. Let people believe, just because your parents never 'lied' to you doesn't mean you have to ruin it for everybody else.
  10. Whoa put on the breaks there... He knows santa doesn't exist clearly.

    I'm a christian too, but I can take a joke just like anyone else. He's not trying to upset anyone or push any beliefs or ideals on anyone. Christmas is all about the good news of Jesus' birth and I don't think Jesus would like anyone to flame anyone else about it when it's supposed to be a time a great joy for ALL the people. Some people take joy in laughing and cutting up with others as he does, where some like you want it to be a somber and holy time. The pagan holiday of Christmas may be about Santa and all that garbage, but really the true meaning of Christmas even in the pagan sense is the giving of gifts to others, just like the wise men did for Jesus when they visited him in the manger. If anything his post disproved Santa's existence and therefore should make you happy. Associating santa with satan, and gift giving with greed doesn't really give you a good impression.

    I didn't do the Santa thing with my kids either, nor the tooth fairy or anything like that, but the reason for that was for me that when your kids grow up and you tell them Santa isn't real, and the tooth fairy isn't real, it doesn't help much when it comes time for you to tell them Jesus did what he did for you. It makes them think that later in life, you'll tell them Jesus isn't real either...I'm sure that's one reason your parents didn't do it with you.

    Relax, take a breath and keep it civil. You're not helping your case here by being so upset my friend. If anything you're giving us "religious" folks a bad name.
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  11. BTW a secret Santa thing is generally a participation thing. You put a bunch of names in a hat of those who want to give a gift to someone, and then you draw names until everyone who participates has the name of one of the other participants, then you give a gift to that person. You don't get to pick who you give one too... Just FYI.
  12. Which server are you going to do this on? Add me to your list of partisipants as well. I'll get something for someone. As long as I don't get a peice of coal and some sticks i'll be good lol ;)
  13. Santa is not real :eek:

    *breaks down crying

  14. Woah. Ok, ok, didn't mean that. I was kind of upset when writing that, because I sat down and my first thought about how sadly materialistic Christmas has become, and how it has drifted away from the true meaning, family and Jesus.
  15. Well, I believe that we all have a bit of Santa in us, we all partake in giving gifts and so therefore are all Santa. This is why in some respect Santa is and will always be real, there is a little bit of him in all of us :) There is never ONE Santa, we all give gifts to each other and that is what makes Christmas special.

    Come on guys, lets get into the Christmas spirit! :)

    I hope you all have a very Merry and jolly Christmas :)
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  16. O_O
    y u doing this bro, y u do this
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  17. Cool, look at our (gwormns and mine) thread we posted a few days ago. It basically the same thing,only you can come see santa at 922 and watch the Christmas tree light up for the first time! For more details look at our earlier thread!
  18. Justin just got PWNED :)
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  19. lol,just messing with you Justin, we love EMC!
  20. I just relized that I was just sucking up to Justin, haters go ahead and hate! Trololololololololololo!I can't read you!
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