Season finale of Scorpion

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  1. Not clicking on any of those, but is scorpion worth watching? Its always on before I watch NCIS:LA
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  2. Its 100℅ worth it :D no 10000000℅ worth it :p
  3. wats the "Scorpion"?
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  4. No they don't. Google does. It's tracking you and knows that you're talking about Scorpion. As you seem to look and talk about the TV show a lot, Google has came to the conclusion you must enjoy it and will now show you adverts related to it.
  5. I was going to watch this show but can't find it anywhere. Not on hulu or netflix and the on demand only has the last few episodes.
  6. The show isn't bad but the plot is pretty meh. Whenever they enter an impossible position, Walter just kind of slams his hands on a keyboard and something saves them. Also, them dropping a cable out of a flying plane into a really fast car and trying to download something from the plane to the car is pretty dumb. The show isn't bad and I will watch the second season, but it definitely has some downfalls.
  7. c'mon, that's totally doable lol
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  8. YouTube for about 2.00+ .05/tax per episode
    Or Cbs4 mobile app
    Amazon prime.instant video
  9. Bump.
    I've heard season 2 premiere is on September 21st. Don't quote me on this though :)
  10. Okay, I won't.

    Oh wait... :p
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  11. Lol I see Whatcha did there ;)
    +100000 for the humor :3
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