[Guide] Fixing Repeated Spoilers

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  1. At one time or another most of us have probably made a spoiler. If you've had many blank ones, then you've run into a very common problem. However, fixing it is very simple and can be done with just a few clicks.
    Intended content here.
    As you can see, I intentionally messed up that spoiler as best I could. If you've clicked on all of them, you'll see text in only the last spoiler, and the top ones are blank.

    The first thing you should know is the cause, and it just so happens to be formatting in the spoiler tags. You can format the actual intended text, but inside the actual spoiler BBcode no formatting can be used.

    Now that you know the cause, you can fix this in a few very simple steps. All you have to do is remove the formatting. I'll put a quick tutorial on how to do that in a spoiler. ;)

    This is the original formatting shown in the example above:
    1. Select intended text (in this case, the entire spoiler tag.

    2. Click the "remove formatting" button on the text toolbar. You can then reformat text inside the spoiler tag.
    FormatBar - Copy.PNG

    And the result is:
    And that's it! In just two simple steps you've removed your annoying duplicating spoilers! I hope this helped. The end result is:
    Intended Text Here
    If you have any suggestions for guides feel free to PM me with the link in my signature. I enjoy making them, and if they help, all the better, I suppose!

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  2. Bump for the people!
  3. I've never actually used a spoiler in my life, but I definitely will now that I know! #TheMoreYouKnow
  4. I like trains :3

    Thanks for teaching us this cool trick
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  7. I feel kinda spoiled with this new information Penguin :)

    Thanks for the tip, cool stuff (I honestly never paid any attention to that remove formatting button)!
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  8. Nice little Tutorial. I often forget about this myself. At some point I was having a weird issue with spoilers in which I had spoilers within spoilers and it was doing weird things. :p

    EDIT: Well, that worked, so I don't know what to think. :p It was probably the URLs or something that I had been using.
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  11. when i was a mod i used to go around fixing spoilers just cause it would mess up my ocd lol
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  12. I haven't been able to edit posts while I have the Rich Text Editor enabled for a long time. When I disabled it I had to start entering my own Spoiler code (or Bold, Underline, etc.). Before that I was fixing the Spoilers in my posts anyway so it wasn't much of a change.