Screenshots of the Survivors!

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  1. This is our call for help. We are the sole survivors left on the desert of EMC. Here are our screenshots, so you can see the craziness starting in our eyes! :confused:

  2. Ahh good times. But serious send beef.... and swords... it's getting dark out >.< We're loosing people all the time.
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  3. hhahahahahahhaa yAAAAAAAA BABY
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  5. We've already established a hierarchy. GRE4T3R has claimed Aikar status, I claimed Krysyy status because she lives with a moose and me being from Canada, Moose wander around freely and SEPTHEKID claimed Chin. And Dektirok chose to run for his life... we haven't seen him in a while... :D
  6. I am now chin, I can break stuff! :D
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  7. haha I wish I could send resources in but unfortunately its like an EMP went off and theres no way to get things in to you :p I wonder who the sole survivor will be..keep us updated and may the odds be ever in your favor.
  8. I claim Simon status! I will fix it. Where did you break stuff this time?

    Edit: starts hurling thunderbolts all over EMC
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  9. Well if the server gets rebooted at normal time, no one will be on :p
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  10. I wish I hadn't logged off...

  11. What do you do when the server goes down? Get half the SMP out to hunt marlix and momentus... #theAteam
  12. Our cries for help have been heard:

  13. More zombies around me than players. *Gulp* Well... hopefully /town still works when I get bitten so I... won't be hungry.
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  14. Just don't rage quit
  15. Nice!
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  16. How about a special Promo :p A torch saying 'You survived #EMCApocolypse' :p
  17. I see that goat...
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  18. Also 40 now. My connection timed out :(
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  19. Nuuuuu ... Why lord WHY!!
  20. That picture of me is... disturbing...
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