Screen Recorder?

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  1. So anyone knows a good screen recorder?
    No Fraps.... To much Gig for the files :)
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have the same problem. Does anyone have a solution?
  3. Well, you could get Camtasia, but that is pricy (there is a free 30 day trial) CamStudio works too, but you will need an old version, and you will need to battle a few viruses
  4. BB Flash Back express
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  5. Bandicam maybe?
  6. I know you said you didn't want Fraps. But is that because your computer doesn't have the space to store Fraps-sized videos, or because they simply take too long to upload? Because if they just take too long to upload, you can easily convert a 15+ GB video into one under 1 GB by simply importing the raw footage into an editing program such as Windows Live Movie Maker, maybe editing a bit, and then exporting from there. That is what I do 90% of the time using fraps. Hope that helps.
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  7. Take a look into obs, it can stream and record
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  8. dxtory?
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  9. Just ''Bought'' Camtasia, Trying it out now. ;)
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  10. Ahem. What do you mean by "Bought" ?
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  11. Like, saving lots of money :p
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  12. Screenflow ;)
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  13. I use screenflow for most of my recording. It is a really great software and gives great quality playback. There is a built in editing tool but has been extremely laggy for me so I recommend not using it. Some how I got screenflow for free but I don't remember how. If you look, around I bet you could find out how.
  14. If you are using a Macintosh computer running OSX 10.7 or more recent versions (I think…) then you can take advantage of the screen recording functionality built into QuickTime Player.
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  15. The problems that I have found with quicktime player is that the quality that is returned isn't too great and you can't record that sound that is coming out of your computer (at least I don't think you can) but besides that it is a free alternative (if on mac).
  16. It seems to have produced great quality for me, even while playing games using a lot of processing power, but yes, there is a caveat in that you cannot capture audio produced by your system. However, you can resolve this by using QuickTime in conjunction with another program (can't name it off the top of my head).
  17. Mac- Screenflow
    Windows- Dxtory
  18. Exactly as i write it down, ''Bought''
    Since pirating is illegal in this forums and may not be discussed. ;)
  19. Hm. Tempted to pm you. (ready for a flame war?;))