School Tomorrow ;-;

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  1. Anyone else sharing my pain?
    Minner who has nothing else to say
    Wow, my signature was bigger than the body of the thread
    And me commenting on it was even bigger than that!

    Sidetracked Minned
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  2. At least your summer was more than 8 weeks...
  3. Ive got 2 weeks.
  4. Hehe, have fun at school tomorrow. I don't go back till Sept 21 :cool:
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  6. I cant wait to go back to school... 6 months is too long to be out :p
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  7. I am actually happy about seeing my friends and meeting my new teachers. They are going to regret meeting me thought >: D
  8. Well I have 2 weeks left of freedom. :p Sucksssss
    My Teachers Are gonna have fun with me
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  10. I go back next week D:
  11. Yea >.< I have the same :p
    But, I got out so late last year ;__;
  12. Trade places? I give you all mah rupees :p
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  13. Nah you get bored :p
    I was pulled outta school 6 months ago D:
  14. why?
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  16. I start boarding this Thursday, where the wifi is crap not very good and I probably won't get the passcode to it for a while, so hopefully I won't have to miss too many days of not seeing EMC
  17. Medical reasons :p
  18. Why?
  19. Going back September 2 for 6 months. WEE :p
  20. The internet is computer/laptop only and each grade level has their own wifi signal
    I have to sign the permissions sheet to get the code and get a parent to review and sign it, which means I can't get it till the next weekend i see them, but hopefully it'll be sooner