School Today!

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  1. So uh, I get up for my first day of school in like 20 minutes. So, all I ask of you guys is that you post a nice post for me to come back. I'm really nervous so yeah.
  2. Hope you have fun! I've been going for a few weeks now but is there a reason ur nervous?
  3. I get back school September 3rd but.... Good luck with your first day :)
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  4. The first. Day is always fun
  5. I started school over 3 weeks ago. You'll do fine :)
  6. I go back on thursday, really dreading going back!
  7. have a good first day of school, I go back on wednesday this week. You will do fine :)
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  8. I started school 7 months ago
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  9. i was supposed to go today, but im being home schooled. we had to go into my "would have been school" this morning and get the paper work all done. i got to laugh at everyone who had to go to class as i walked out the door.
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  10. 7 months ago?
    Everyone just had their summer holidays, didn't they?
  11. I live in South América
  12. Yes, Home-School rocks! *Air high-five*
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  13. It wasn't that bad. I got compliments on my batman backpack.
  14. Today was my first day of school too. Today was also my first day as a Freshman it was pretty fun :D
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  15. That was an okay first day.
    Freshman year doesn't look too bad, but I've got quite a bit of homework that I'm now postponing by looking at the EMC forums.
    I have a crazy french teacher, a Dory-like English teacher (Finding Nemo, anyone?), and that incredibly boring math teacher that you can't really like or dislike..
  16. Freshman Friday *Evil Grin*
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  17. There's nothing to worry about. I've always been a worrier, and I'm in eighth grade. In my school, if anyone should have felt worried on the first day, it's the sixth graders who don't know their way around the school yet. :p
  18. Lol just you wait...
  19. How old are you cordial?
  20. 3 AP courses. I think I'll have the brunt of it.