Scheduled downtime: 13-Feb-2012

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Downtime for all servers tomorrow morning (13-Feb-2012) at 6:00am ET (11:00 GMT).

    Hello EMC. We will be having a short downtime for the entire EMC platform early tomorrow. Every game server will be down. The website will not be effected. The reason for this is the experience points update that will make XP cross-server (first announced here). I don't expect this downtime to take more than 30 minutes. I have started a countdown on the home page to make it easier (time zones give me a headache).

    Please keep in mind that after this update the FIRST server you sign-in on is the only server you will keep your current XP/levels for. So if you sign-in on smp2 first you will lose any XP you have on any other server. After this your XP and levels will be the same even when you change servers.
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  2. Nice, thanks justin ;). Cross-server xp is gonna be alot better
  3. Thanks for the countdown :)
  4. Downtime on EMC, things must be good. :)
  5. Haha yeah, I try my best to never have any. Downtime makes me sick to my stomach lol.
  6. they make me happy/sad. Happy because it is always an AWESOME UPDATE!
    sad = I have to wait for the timer to hurry up on its countdown... *stares at the timer* O_O
  7. I think downtime is Good, It lets the hardware have a break, A server is like a horse, It wont let you down, so you push it and push it, But alas Since it always listens and you don't let it rest, It dies. If you had let it rest, it would have lived. Moral is downtime = good. Also, SMP2 livemap not working? and Colossal lag on Smp2 right now. ):
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  8. Translation: XP progress on up to 5 servers will be lost.
  9. Running a couple minutes behind, upgrade will start in about 20 minutes
  10. *suspense*!
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  11. Cant wait to see the kids rage after they log in on the Wrong server. :D
  12. So is it all done?
  13. no.. shutdown is tarting now.
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  14. Oh OK thanks :)
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