Scenic photo thread

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  1. Post you photos of your scenic pictures. here are a few of mine: image.jpg and this one: image.jpg added one more: image.jpg
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  2. image.jpg image.jpg
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  3. image.jpg image.jpg
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  4. Some scenic pics from when I was a truck driver.

    Rocky Mountains, just north of Denver:

    No filters, no nothing. This is the sun in the middle of the day. It was aweeesome!

    Out in the desert of Colorado:

    Salt Lake City - Utah:

    More SLC:
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  5. 10408695_10203067603229558_3884904389239348134_n.jpg
    View from my house :)
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  6. This was after some severe flooding in out city that left a few people dead and many without homes

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  7. after a storm earlier this year
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  8. awesome looking clouds after a storm
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  9. All These Pictures Are from the Huge Winter Storm we had Earlier this Year

  10. image.jpg a deer i found :D
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  11. I like the first one
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  13. From May 2014 when I visited Berlin, here are some edited photos taken by myself :)
    10352607_656174354455060_7028445254323382597_n.jpg 10007069_656174291121733_7192157239805082285_n.jpg 10176057_656174631121699_8178780068727554550_n.jpg
  14. i figured i could share a few of my favorites :D