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  1. Hello Fellow EMCer's
    So I was On Wacky Adventure One Night
    I Came Across This Saying in EMC
    "People Are Like Stained Glass Windows
    They Sparkle and Shine When the Sun is Out
    But, When the Darkness Sets in
    There True Beauty is Revealed"

    Now here's the scavenger hunt of this saying.
    I want you fellow EMCer's to find this saying.

    The Prize Will Be
    1st Place 15k of rupees
    with 15 diamonds

    2nd Place 10k of rupees
    with 10 diamonds

    3rd place 5k of rupees
    with 5 diamonds
    Note: I am doing this out of my own rupees and diamonds
    to give back to you the community

    Those Who Can't Play:
    The Two players who Found This Saying with me

    1. You Must Post A Screen Shot Of The Saying To Prove You Found It
    With Your Name Typed In /c r saying i found it

    2. You must PM in the forums what res this is on

    3. You must NOT tell anyone else where you found it. Or ask others where to find it.

    4. Don't bother PM or commenting down below asking me where it is I wont tell you

    5. You must find this on your own not with friends.

    Good Luck To You All!!!
    Have Fun!!!
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  2. Where do you think it is. I know where it and I wont tell anyone. You can ask questions. I'll only answer what I fell is necessary to answer.
  3. This scavenger hunt will not work. As I was pm'ing you before, there is a sign of this on smp9. If you found it on another smp, someone copied someone.
  4. Ok well let me say for a fact its not on SMP9 so therefor that sign will not matter. So I am doing this scavenger hunt either way and people are just going to have to find it. Thank you for notifying me of this sign. So just to make it clear its not on SMP9.
  5. There I gave away free hint in the making lol.
  6. But the sign in smp9 is the original.
  7. Could you please just relax and let TomiJo do her thread?
  8. There will be problems of people finding different copies across all servers. Which one will you give the reward to, the one you found?
  9. She is speaking of the sign she found, not the sign that it similar to it :)

    This is a scavenger hunt looking for the specific sign she has found, sure others could have made the sign before her and others might have made a similar sign afterwards, but that is not the sign we are hunting for.
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  10. First Prize Goes To: hashhog3000

    come to SMP7 to claim your prize

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  11. I have seen the signs too and I know for a fact the sign in smp9 was the original
  12. Thank You Pab1OS and SkyDragonv8.
    Means a lot you guys are here and backing me up.
  13. So people know which it is, tomijo asked me to post a couple of the photos. :) Thanks for the great contest, tomijo! :D

  14. I remain firm that the sign in smp9 is the original. I am only annoyed because this scavenger hunt does not attempt to block out the loopholes of finding any and every copy of all copies of the original sign, and favors the people who are currently in the smp you found your particular copy of the sign in.
  15. Oh I know where this is
    is it okay to say what res? :p
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  16. May I ask where the SMP9 sign is, in that case? We should be grateful for a giveaway at all, and revealing the location of the SMP9 signs will remove that loophole because people will have to go to the correct ones. :)
    She said to PM the res to her, so I assume no. :)
  17. PM me in the forum. Its a rule lol.
  18. Many of the scavenger hunts I've been on required me to find something like a bottle cap or a leaf and take it somewhere. This is more like what I would call a Treasure Hunt where I am looking for a specific thing, or something like a game of I Spy.

    Either way it is TomiJo's game which she can define however she wants as long as it is within the rules.
  19. There's two in smp9. One in a cave very similar to the pictures you posted. Actually it might even be an exact copy, by what I think his name is Death-something. Another is on someone's house/shop with the same quote, just all bunched up next to each other with the tacked on "--unknown" to give credit to the "unknown" author.
  20. To be honest, I have a feeling that tomijo's is the original location, especially if one of the SMP9 ones is similar to my pics and the other is just signs on a wall. You'll understand once the location is revealed. Either way, let's quit arguing about it and find the non-SMP9 one, eh? :)
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